Saturday, April 9, 2011

YIPPEE! In the Islands again

We made it to Bimini Sands today. It was a little lumpy, but calmed down about a third of the way across. Everyone is happy to be here. Short blog. connection slooow here and we leave at 06:30 for a ten hour trip to the Berry Islands where we will spend the night, then on to Nassau Sunday. Will fill you in from there.
September Song (time for bed) out

Sunrise over the Atlantic as we head to the Islands.
Coming into Bimini Sands Marina. The water over here is beautiful!

Stephen and Pam on "Tides End", first time cruising to the Islands, taking down their quarantine flag and putting up their Bahamian courtesy flag after checking into customs.

The group of happy cruisers. We are in the Islands Mon!
Bahamians transportation isn't quit the same as in the US. On the bus to dinner at the Sand Bar restaurant.
I rest my case.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Island time Mon!

The day we have been waiting for is finally here. We had one last party at Dockside Bar with all our friends at the marina on Tuesday night before we left on Wednesday morning for the first leg of our cruise up the coast to No Name Key, where we will leave for the Bahamas on Friday. There will be four boats following us to the Islands. Sea Pearl, who went with us last year, and three others, Island Girl, Tide's In, and Hallelujah who are going for the first time. Our second leg is over and we arrived at No Name around 14:00 today and we will all put the pointy end East at 07;00 tomorrow. My poles and new outriggers are all ready for that first "fish on" and we are all excited to be heading out tomorrow.
Our first stop will be Bimini Sands, where we will check into the Bahamas and spend our first night, then on to the Berry Island Club on Saturday, where we will be treated to Herbie's famous rum punch and a great Bahamian dinner. Sunday, we will head into Nassau where we will play for three days, then on to the Exumas. We are sooooo excited!

September Song (come to the Islands with us) out

Julia and Salty enjoying the sun on Mini Pearl.
One last party with all our friends at Dockside Bar at our marina in Marathon before several of us leave for the Islands. What a great group of friends!
Sea Pearl as we left Marathon with the Seven Mile Bridge in the background on our first leg to the Islands.

Miami in the distance as we head into our anchorage at No Name Key.
Passed this beautiful sailboat as we headed North.
Sea Pearl, Tides In, Island Girl, and Hallelujah following us to No Name Key.
Sunrise as we leave Rodriguez Key on our second leg to No Name Key.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ready, set....not yet!

We are ready, but the weather isn't. We were going to cross over to the Islands this last Saturday, but the weather forecasts were all over the place, so we decided to wait. Hind site is 20/20 and we probably could have gone. Now we are looking at leaving Wednesday for our staging anchorage at No Name Key, then cross on Friday. Time and weather will tell, but we are so ready for our "Island time" Mon.
While we have been waiting for that elusive weather window, we have been enjoying the pool and all of our old haunts one last time with our cruising friends before we leave. We have had so much fun here in the Keys these last few months with all our cruising friends, but wait, some of them are going to the Islands with us. The fun won't end, it's just being moved to the Islands. YIPPEE!

September Song (come to the Islands with us Mon) out

Old salts playing at Dockside.
Still playing his horn at 93.
Salty joined us for a drink. Don't tell Cassie and Godiva.
This is the table of knowledge at Dockside. So why is it that as the night wears on we get ignorant?
 Rick, serving pool side drinks.
 Enjoying the pool on a hot day.
I don't think they like me taking their picture under water.

Sunset shots at the Keys Fisheries. Oh, also three dozen stone crab claws and a couple dozen oysters. Love this place!
Caught eating rum cake with rum sauce. Those of you who know me know how I love dessert.
Late night fun at Dockside. I think they like me taking their picture because they all said I was number one.
Nancy, giving Fuzzy free counseling. Now he's really screwed up!

A visitor to our slip
Putting a little more whitewash on the piling for us.

These two laughing gulls have been smooshing all week on the piling by our boat. For god sakes you two, Take it to the nest!
Dave, Barb, Stephen, and Pam came by September Song to get the scoop on our trip to the Islands. They will be following us for their first trip to the Bahamas. I remember our first trip and how excited we were.