Friday, December 5, 2008

On the ICW headed further South

Today started at 06:45 as we pulled away from our friends' dock. Last night they took us out for a burger and a beer. We arrived at the bar/restaurant to karaoke night. What a hoot. Wished I had the camera. Do you think they would get up there again if they saw a replay of their grand performances? (I use that term loosely) It was very entertaining and the half pound burgers were great.
The whole day was flat calm, warm, (mid 70's) and not a cloud in the sky. Always lots to see along the ICW. Wildlife, fisherman, clammers, weird boats and last but not least, our buddies and side kicks, the dolphins. Mid afternoon we went up (or is it down. Is it an inlet when you are going out. I still haven't answered that one yet, but I will let you know when I do) the Cape Canaveral Barge Canal to Harbor Town where we loaded on 550 gal. of fuel. It was not quite the bite it was last summer, in fact it was a great deal at 2.13, less than half that we paid then.
The day ended in another beautiful anchorage off Cocoa Beach. I hope you don't get tired of me using the term "beautiful" but it is really, really beautiful on the water. I will let you know when it gets ugly, OK.
Sorry , it's 5:00, or should I say 17:00 somewhere and Stephanie just started cocktail hour with cheese and crackers.

September Song (another ********** day) out

Clammers working the shallows along the ICW

Birds, birds, birds
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You know you are in Florida (Manatee zones)

You know you are in Florida (white pelicans)

You know you are in Florida (clammers)

Stick em up mister, no pooping on the signs
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Dolphins playing in our wake

The Space Shuttle assembly building

Have you ever seen a boat like this before?

The end (looking back at where we have been) Not really the end, just the end of another beautiful day on the water
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

A day in the life of September Song

We are currently tied up to Pete and Lil Satterlee's home dock in New Smyrna Beach. Mermaid Lil, their boat, which is a 49 DeFever just like our old September Song, is on the hard having the bottom redone, so they invited us to stay the night. Thanks Pete and Lil!
I thought you might enjoy a day in the life of September Song on the open Sea. We left Conch House Marina at 06:45 to a rough ride out the inlet (still have no answer for Stephanie's question) because the tide was going out and the waves were coming in. After that it was a little rolly , but with stabilizers it isn't bad. The open water is such a great and peaceful place with lots to see. Sometimes it is a little overwhelming when you think about how huge it is, and all that goes on every second, and how it can turn from beautiful to ugly in a short period of time. The water is crystal clear and there is always something to see and marvel at. The Terns diving for fish, the Pelicans doing the same, the lazy Seagulls waiting to snatch the fish the others catch including the shrimp boats, and the dolphins jumping and swimming after the boat. September Song is on auto-pilot the whole time so it gives us a chance to walk around the boat deck and enjoy the views. At 1300 we entered Ponce De Leon inlet which has a great old light house, and made our way to Pete and Lil's dock where Pete was waiting to catch the lines and greet us. Boating friends are so great.
I hope you enjoy the pictures of the day as much as we enjoyed taking them.

September Song (enjoying the beautiful day) out

The view from the aft deck

Looking over the side

A view looking back

Birds hitching a ride
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A quick nap while under way

Are we there yet dad

Us old folks need glasses
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View of the Atlantic from the bow

The little black spot in the middle is us on the plotter with nothing but water all around us

A Royal Tern flying next to September Song

A Royal Tern taking off after diving
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The light house at Ponce De Leon inlet - this one's for Al and Kathy

Hitching a ride while waiting for lunch

Lunch is served

A rest after a big lunch
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nice day for traveling the outside

After a calm night on the Brickhill River we weighed the anchor (still 50#) at 07:00 and traveled the ICW (intracoastal waterway) to the Fernandina Inlet to travel on the outside. Stephanie asked me why it isn't call an outlet if you are going out. Would you believe it, I didn't have an answer. :-( On the way to the outlet we passed the Navy sub barns. Very well protected and you don't dare get too close. I am sure they had their eye on us as we passed and took pictures. They probably have a picture of me also. On the way "out the inlet" we spotted some of the famous wild horses of Cumberland Island. (way cool) It was a perfect day on the ocean with light winds and calm seas. (we like calm seas) So much wild life to see out there. We watched the Royal terns dive from about 50 feet or so, hit the water, stay under for several feet, and pop up like a cork with lunch in their beak. We passed Warship 39 as it was called and we were warned to stay at least two miles away. No problemo! They sent a helicopter gun ship out to check us out. We are still here so I guess we checked out. :-) We arrived at St. Augustine inlet at 16:00 and made our way to the anchorage, or so called anchorage. It was full of derelict boats and shallow, shallow, shallow. It was getting too late to look for another so we went to the Conch House Marina for the night. all-in-all it was a good day and tomorrow's weather forecast is for more of the same, just warmer, so we will do the outside thing again.

September Song (lovin' it) out

Navy sub barns at St. Mary's

And they mean it

Wild horses along the ICW

Headed out the Fernandina inlet to travel on the Atlantic
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Shrimp boat we passed

Cassie and Godiva enjoying the ride on a calm day on the Atlantic

Warship 39

Gunship checking us out and making sure we stay 2 miles from Warship 39
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The day has come to cast off

After a delay of one day due to weather, we finally cast off the lines and put the pointy end of September Song South. At 0645 the time came to say goodbye and start another chapter in our lives. The day was beautiful and clear but chilly. We stayed in the pilot house where it was nice and toasty. Hopefully after the next couple of days of travel we will get into the warmer Florida weather. After another great day on the water we dropped the anchor just off Cumberland Island on the Brick Hill River at 1600. It is Sooo great to be back on the water again. We will be traveling each day for the next few days to get far enough South so we can turn off the heat. (can't wait!)

September Song (HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY) out

Sunrise as we headed out from our home dock

Private homes on small islands along the ICW

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Birds, birds, birds
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