Friday, December 12, 2008

$$$$$$ overload

After 15 bridges we had to have raised and I don't know how many that didn't, passing through Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Lantana, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Pompano Beach, Hillsboro Beach, and others I don't remember, passing hundreds and hundreds of multi million dollar homes and yachts, we finally made it to Ft. Lauderdale, the boating capital of the world. You would not believe it unless you see it from the water. The show went on for the whole 55 miles which took 10 hours. (alot of waiting for bridges) I hope I didn't put you into overload with all the pictures of the yachts, but you don't see this every day and you would never see it if you're not on the waterways.
Today was spent doing laundry, having John Deere check out the engines, (Mabel and Mildred) Stabilized Marine do a final adjustment on the stabilizers and just hanging out. Tomorrow we will have a car so we can explore the dozens of marine stores in the area and just explore Ft. Lauderdale, the boating capital of the world. (WOW) Sunday we will head South and anchor in our first segment of the Keys.

September Song (can't wait for tomorrow) out

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Are we there yet Dad

Godiva watching the world go by

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How would you like to have this parked behind your house?

Can you see the wild iguana on the left?

This is just one of hundreds that line the waterways

We look small in this part of the country
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Cruise ship in Port Everglades

This is what they call a shadow boat. It follows the mega yacht and carries supplies, toys and security.

How big is big?

They are everywhere
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On the way South again

Last night Diane fixed a wonderful dinner for us on their boat and Steve went through the charts and gave us some good info on anchorages, routes, and places in the Keys and Exumas to explore. What great friends they are. Only regret is that we had wine headaches today. :-(
Today we left the dock Steve has rented for friends etc. at 08:00 and it was another warm and (that word) day. we arrived at our anchorage in Lake Worth, a jumping off point for the Bahamas (not this time for us) at 13:30 and promptly went down for a nap. As you can see from the picture it is very crowded with all kinds of boats from all points in the US and other countries waiting for a weather window to cross the gulf stream.
Tomorrow we will head for Ft. Lauderdale where we will spend 3 days exploring and Saturday night watch the countries largest night time Christmas boat parade.

September Song (no happy hour tonight) out

Looks kike snow hanging off the roof

along the ICW

Light house at Jupiter Inlet

Not a home, but an estate (one of hundreds we saw today)
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View from the anchorage (big yachts)

Our anchorage is crowded.

Look at the 40 something sail boat next to the yacht leaving port

We only have 14 of these tomorrow
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Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday in Stuart Fl.

Sunday was spent going to West Marine, Publix, etc. to get those things that we need with Steve and Diane and then we spent the afternoon at the Jazz Festival in the town of Stuart. After the festival the four of us met up with Chuck and Karen Spriggs, boating friends, and went to a really good Pizza place and pigged out on pizza. It is always great to meet up with old boating friends and catch up.
Today was spent washing the boat, installing a cleat on the stern to tie off Half Note, and just general catch up and playing with the boat. We will spend one more day here and then head South again Wednesday. I know, what a boring day. Maybe so, but I actually look forward to these days I can just play around on the boat in this warm, sunny (wish you were here) weather. See you on the water Wednesday.

September Song (she looks so pretty after a bath) out

Santa was in Stuart Fl. Sunday

Waiting to sit on Santa's lap
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Cool WWII vehicles on display for Pearl Harbor Day

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Good morning from Palm City, Florida

Saturday morning we left the anchorage at 0630 to another great travel day. We pushed it a little harder so we could make Palm City, Florida, where Steve and Diane have rented a dock behind a home on a canal to park friends coming through on their way south and for Steve to do some work on boats. The main reason we pushed it was because it was Diane's birthday, and we wanted to celebrate it with them. We arrived at 17:30, just in time to tie up to the dock before dark 30. Last night we went to Steve and Diane's favorite Italian restaurant to celebrate Diane's birthday and had a great time catching up.
The day on the water was long (10+ hours) but as always, it is great just to be on the water. As you look at the pictures you will see Cassie talking to the dolphins, and I think they were talking back in a high pitch tone that Cassie could hear but we can't. Cassie would make a whine-like noise, they would roll on their side and look at her and talk back. (way cool)
Today Steve and Diane are going to pick us up and take us to a jazz concert in the park. sounds like fun. Today will be my first day in shorts and t-shirt in a long time.

September Song (white legs in shorts) out

Sunrise as we leave the anchorage

Diamonds on the water kind of day

Cassie talking to the dolphins

Mom and baby talking back
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Some of the homes we see along the ICW

Palm trees everywhere

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The race is on

I counted 64 Optimist sail boats in this group
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