Saturday, March 10, 2012


I thought it would be interesting to check out my blog stats. I've never done this before, and I wanted to find out how many people were enjoying my blog as much as I enjoy doing it. It was very interesting, so I thought I would pass them on.
I started my blog in 2008. Since I started, I have blogged 1608 pages, it has been viewed 30,783 times, and viewed from many people in many countries, which include the United States, Australia, the UK, Canada, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Brazil, Germany, and Spain. WOW!
I have so much fun taking and posting pictures, posting fun stories, and sharing ours, and our cruising friends' lives with all of you. We will be living and cruising on September Song for as long as we can, and have no plans in the near or distant future to stop. The best of all is I get to do it with all of you through my blog, Cassie and Godiva, our two labs, and my best friend, lover, partner, wife and Admiral of our ship, the love of my life, Stephanie. I have to pinch myself every morning to make sure it's not a dream, but then I find out it is a dream, and we are living it.
I hope you continue to follow and enjoy our adventures in the future, and get ready, because we will be taking you back to the Islands the end of March first part of April, depending on weather, (don't want to get you sea sick) and we are going to explore some of the Out Islands for the first time this year. It should be a blast! We will be joined by Stephen and Pam "Tides In", Jay and Nancy "Serendipity", Joe, Julia, and Salty "Sea Pearl" again this year, Steve and Kim "Maya", their first, and William and Judy "Opti-mystique", so welcome aboard, and lets go cruising.
I added a few pictures from this week of our golf group, saying goodbye to cruising friends, and a trip to No Name Pub.

September Song (thanks for coming along) out

Our weekly best ball tournament. 

Our weekly happy hour after our tournament. 

Our after tournament, after tournament happy hour(s) get together at the table of wisdom behind Rick and Therese's boat. Rick and Therese had a late night the night before, so they were recuperating.
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Diet Coke Rick? 

Another reason for the dock party, was because Mark and Michelle were leaving in the morning. Oh, she wanted to show off her blond "wig hat" Looking good! We will miss you guys. 

Michelle and Jill showing off their "wig hats"

William, getting an early start on St. Pat's day.
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Goodbye Marc's Ark. We will miss you. 
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In an effort to complete our bucket list of must stops before we leave Marathon, we made a day trip to the No Name Pub.

Good looking group, and great pizza!
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Is that an Irish dance Nancy?
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Key West.........AGAIN!

Any time we can take September Song down to Key West and spend a few days with Doug and Tammy, we are there!
We left Marathon on March 1st and put the pointy end South to Key West. Once we are out of the channel, September Song knows the way. We arrived mid afternoon in Key West, and Doug and Tammy arrived not long after. Let the party begin! First stop, after stowing their stuff and a welcome back together again drink, we headed to Schooners for some of those best wings in the Keys. The reason the four of us were in Key West, other than we love to go there together and play, is that the Massacoustics were in town for four days playing at our favorite bar, The Smokin' Tuna. They were so great to see again. They are from Massachusetts  and Nashville, and have a huge following. People fly, cruise (that be us), and drive  to where ever they are playing. They have a big group in Canada that have parties while watching them on the Tuna cam. In Canada!
They are so good!
Saturday, Steve (AKA the DD) Kim, Jay, Nancy, William, and Judy drove our van down to meet up with us in the Key Weird Playpen. What a fun day. I will let the pictures tell that story. Also, I have proof on film that drinking tequila makes your clothes fall off. No, none of our group........that I can show you.
After three days of great fun, and hitting many places too numerous to mention, we headed out for Marathon on Sunday morning. NOT! We made our turn into Hawk Channel, and the waves were breaking over the bow. (our bow is 11 foot off the water) We made the hardest maneuver a cruiser makes, do a 180 and head back to port. We stayed in port Sunday, (stayed on the boat. We needed a day off) and it was a good thing, because a front came through with 45+ MPH winds, and we would have been out in the middle of it if we hadn't turned back.
Monday, we left around 10:00 and had a pony ride back to Marathon, Not real bad, but no fun in 4 to 6 foot seas.
We arrived at our dock with lots of our friends there to catch lines because of the wind, and sweet William with a Captain and Coke in hand for me after we got tied up.
All in all, it was another fun three days with cruising friends, great food, too many drinks, and fantastic music.

September Song (AGAIN?!) out

Ten of the Bahama Bums at Irish Kevin's for music and laughs with Jeff Harris.

 A few spring breakers were in town. You will see more of this girl latter.

Jeff was taken with Judy's beauty, so he invited her to come up on stage. His ex-wife, Nancy, (not really, I don't think) was with us and Jeff thought Judy could be his next. (Where's William in all this?)

I think she likes him! Well, at the end of the song, William went up to the stage, sang a song to Judy, and all is well with William and Judy. Judy, How did he know yours and Nancy's names?
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Oh no, she's on stage with Jeff!

She's drinking tequila!!!!!!

Sorry guys, her top did fall off, but I can't (Stephanie, my editor won't) put that picture on my blog. You will have to settle for the bartender.

Maybe she will let me put this one up, because it's from behind, and it's not the same girl.
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Jay, Nancy, William, and Judy are from Tennessee, and this group they are with is also from there. they joined their group for a little Tennessee fun. YALL!

A little dancing on the bar. That's the two crazy bartenders.

Nice hats! It's the guy in the blue shirts birthday.

OMG....You should have seen what happened after this picture was taken!
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Yep, that's what happened. It's not always about the girls, guys, but I know you were hoping.

Somehow my camera left the table at Schooners Wharf. It has a mind of its own.

It loves Nancy's toes.
Jays ear?
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I recognize those feet.

And that's William, with his favorite cup.

Yes, my little bad camera, that's me. welcome back.
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Crazies at sunset at Mallory Square.

I still think I could teach Cassie and Godiva to go around and collect tips. Help pay for some of that high priced fuel we just put on.

Nancy, who is that?

Hi Jean and Sandy. What a great night with the Massacoustics at the tuna.
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