Monday, January 11, 2010

Mexican on September Song

Last night was Mexican night with a total of 17 of our cruising friends on September Song. We had great apps compliments of Pat on "Got the Fever", enchiladas prepared by chef Roberto, delicious desserts prepared by Vicki, (AKA the pie lady with many faces; see pictures below) Stephanie, and Penny on "Stormy". Joe from "Sea Pearl" added a huge batch of his special blend Margaritas (they could hurt you!) too the assortment of other beverages (OK, booze) enjoyed by all. It was a great evening and we all had way to much food, fun, and laughs. (is there such a thing?) We have some great cruising friends and they all know how to make for a great party. Gypsies in the Palace are in Key West and weren't here for the party so we had some leftover Corona beer. Hopefully they will be joining us on September Song for a few days for the Rendezvous and they can help us finish it off. (miss you guys) In the next few days other cruising friends (around 100 and 32 boats) for the Stuart Boat Show and Rendezvous will be arriving. Do you think there will be any other parties? (do you think!!!)

September Song (OLE!) out

I think Stephanie has a little Italian in her background. Tie her hands down and she would be speechless.

Busy in the galley.

Cassie begging to join the party

Dan without his hair hat, Di, Greg and Karan (who are headed for fun/trouble in Key West)
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Vicki's surprise face

Vicki's pouty face

Vicki's happy face. Love you Vicki!

I want a hat like Dan's. A hat with hair. Not that I need any more, but I think it's a cool hat.
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