Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Glad to be back!

We arrived in Marathon on the 28th of November, and it has been non stop. Catching up on boat maintenance, back to Stuart for Di's Birthday, dock parties, the boat parade, Keys Fisheries for stone crab claws and sunset (times three), Salty's to see our Musician friend and her band, and, well, it's great to be back.

September Song (taking a night off, I think) out

When we arrived at our slip on the 28th, we recognized the boat next to us. It's Life's2Short, Todd and Brenda's boat, that we cruised with. They sold her a couple of years ago and returned to work. 

The first night, we headed to one of our favorites, The Keys Fisheries for stone crab claws and toast the sunset with cruising friends already here in Marathon.

Love these little guys!
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New cruising friends Linda and Jeff.

A group of us went to Salty's to see Adrienne and her band. Remember Fuzzy? He was docked at our marina for the past few years. Some of the boaters who didn't understand him complained, so Dockside kicked him out. Some people just don't understand, YOU'RE IN THE KEYS! We saw him at one of his new hangouts. He loves Therese. You're such a good sport!

Our musician friend Adrienne at Salty's.

Adrienne and her band, Injade. Love her music!
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Christmas Boat Parade in Marathon.

Wild and crazy elves in the parade. Can you say PARTY!
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Docking the boats after the parade was a challenge. Too much PBR! People still drink that stuff?

Are you having fun yet, Mary? Mary and her husband came to Marathon every year, but he died several years ago, and she still comes down every winter. She says she is looking for a male companion. Know anyone?

Tim Dee played at Dockside after the Parade. This is the guy that played at Stephanie's 60th party.

Boaters know how to party! We don't know these people, but they were having a ball.
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Santa's Elves. NOT!

Now these are Santa's Elves. OK, NOT!

Any excuse for a dock party. Several cruising friends are here already with more to come in the next few weeks. We'll really get cranking after the first of the year.
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A beautiful day in the Keys!

It was such a beautiful day Sunday that a group of us decided to go cruising in the family cars (tenders). We headed out Sisters Creek to the beach. Cassie and Godiva haven't had playtime in the water, so they really enjoyed it. From there, we headed to Castaways Bar to replenish our liquids, then back to the boats (the mother ships), got cleaned up, and headed to the Keys Fisheries for sunset and our third stone crab claw fix.
I think we have caught the Keys disease all over again!

September Song (no known cure) out

Headed for the beach.

The family in the family car.
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Not one of ours, but still enjoying a beautiful day on the water.

"Are we there yet Dad!"
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Mom and her girls.

At the beach

Wild life on Sisters Creek.
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Di!

Wednesday, we drove back up to Stuart for a great cruising friend, Diane Koch's Birthday. Steve, her husband set up a surprise 60th Birthday party, and friends, family, and cruising friends came from all over to celebrate with Di. It was so great to see so many mutual cruising friends, and what a party!

September Song (Happy Birthday Di!) Out

Steve made arrangements to take Di out for the day on the boat. When they came back, there were a ton of friends and family waiting for her.

"Thanks honey!" 

After about ten minutes of hugging and kissing on the dock, she was ready to come to the party. Do you think she looks surprised? She will probably kill me for posting this picture, but I think it's cute.
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I didn't know they we so talented!

Joe and Julia (Sea Pearl) 

Is she having fun yet? The one on the right. She's so cute!

Dancing a little close. Well, a lot close!
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Speaking of having fun!

Steve, Trying out for American Idol

Steve and his Mom. What a grand lady!
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