Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Glad to be back!

We arrived in Marathon on the 28th of November, and it has been non stop. Catching up on boat maintenance, back to Stuart for Di's Birthday, dock parties, the boat parade, Keys Fisheries for stone crab claws and sunset (times three), Salty's to see our Musician friend and her band, and, well, it's great to be back.

September Song (taking a night off, I think) out

When we arrived at our slip on the 28th, we recognized the boat next to us. It's Life's2Short, Todd and Brenda's boat, that we cruised with. They sold her a couple of years ago and returned to work. 

The first night, we headed to one of our favorites, The Keys Fisheries for stone crab claws and toast the sunset with cruising friends already here in Marathon.

Love these little guys!
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  1. Carry on in Marathon! Happy holidays to all!

    Tom & Doris