Monday, December 10, 2012

Charleston to Marathon

I thought before I start my blog again, (well, I guess this is an official restart) I would give you a quick trip to where we are now. We had a great trip South, and I didn't want to leave you out, or leave you up North in the cold, so jump on board and let's get your butts down to the beautiful Keys playground and warmer weather.
The numbers are in, and we have traveled over 4800 NM since we left Marathon in late March and arrived here a few days ago.
You may need to click on "older posts" to see all the pictures.

September Song (hang on, it will be a quick trip) out

One of our favorite legs is through the gorgeous Waccamaw river South Carolina.

Pictures can never do this area justice.

The Waccamaw is home to tons of wildlife. The most beautiful are the eagles. What a thrill to see them swoop down and grab fish.
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