Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's official

It's official, well almost. We still need to get our drivers' licenses changed, but we now have the van registered in Monroe County (it will live here in the Keys and wait for us to return each year) and we are proudly flying the Conch Republic burgee. Now we are considered Conchs. If you don't know what the Conch Republic is, check it out on Wikipedia

September Song (Hail to the Conch Republic) Out
Conch Bob

September Song is proudly flying the Conch Republic burgee.

Our new Monroe County plate.
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Still here!

No, we are not in jail, we haven't fallen in, and yes, the party continues here in the Keys.
I don't know where to start. Time is insignificant at this stage of our lives, and it flies when you are having fun, and it has been fun here in the Keys. Again, I'm not going to go through the list of people, places, and food, just know we are still alive and enjoying every minute of our stay here in the Keys, and it is always special when we get a call from Doug and Tammy to say "we are headed to Key Weird, would you like to join us?" The answer to that question is, HELL YES, WE ARE ON OUR WAY!

September Song (WHEEEEE!) out

Our good friends and cruising buddies Doug and Tammy met us at Schooner Wharf where happy hour starts at 7:00. No, not PM, AM. You can't drink all day unless you start in the morning. Only in Key Weird.

Michael McCloud's little dog Cinderella. She sits in his guitar case while he plays at Schooner Wharf.

Can't go to Schooners without enjoying one of the hand rolled cigars from Cigar Guy.

Great friends forever!
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Everything in Key West is the southern most. This is the southern most broken cleat.

Raw oysters and beer at the Raw Oyster. Can't come to Key West without a stop for an oyster fix.

Larkin working his way up the hot scale at Peppers Key West. Notice the sweat on his face. Not me mon!

I think she enjoys watching people in pain. She worked Larkin up the scale until he couldn't speak and fire came out of his ears.
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Now that's a beach bike!

A new stop for us (Capt. Tony's) in Key Weird. Funky and cool. 

I see some one else loves Captain Morgan as much as I do.

Only in Key West do you see something like this going down the street.
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Joe and Julia on Sea Pearl, Paul and Helen on Lucky Dog, and Stephanie and I at Sparky's Landing in Key Colony for prime rib night and some great music. What a fun pace!

Great night of music by John Bartus.

Are Paul and Helen having fun yet? I think so!

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Cocktails on September Song

Steve and Di's cousins Paul and Helen arrived here in Marathon this week. I think they like it here.

Where two or more DeFever Cruisers are gathered........

Eighteen DeFever Cruisers at Hurricane for lunch.
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All dressed up and ready to go out and strut their stuff.

Out with Captain Rick to catch the big one. Did we catch any? Don't ask! Maybe next time.

Mama manatee checking us out.

A mother manatee brought her baby by our slip for a visit.
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