Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Where have you been!

I know, I know, where have we been? When we last left you we were anchored out on Pungo Creek in North Carolina. Yesterday we crossed from Georgia into Florida after getting an OK from our insurance Company to cross a day early. We got the OK at 09:30 and we were under way by 09:45 from our anchorage behind Cumberland Island.
Where have we been you say! We have been exploring, playing, eating, drinking, and having a great time cruising with the pointy end South with cruising friends. Sorry I haven't blogged as often as I usually do, but every time I had some down time to blog, we were in an anchorage with limited Internet.
I'm not going to give you a long explanation. I will let the pictures do that. They may not be in perfect order, but you will get the idea.
You may need to click on older posts to see all the pictures, and there are a lot.

September Song (on the hunt for warmer weather. The butter is hard) out

Cocktail hour on Sea Pearl. Julia and Joe always have great cocktail hours.


You never know what you will see when you are in this area of the ICW.

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A British sub docked at the Saint Mary's sub base dock.

A sailing school sailboat in our anchorage. (Spirit of Massachusetts)

You know you're in Florida when you start seeing the white pelicans. It was windy so they are all grounded.Posted by Picasa

The tides here are 8 to 9 foot. This is the dock at High tide.

The shrimp boat off our stern at high tide.

The dock at low tide.

The shrimp boat at low tide.
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I don't think I will cut that corner!

It's hard to tell how big the sailboat in the picture is, but look at the trawler in front of it. W looked it up, and it is the largest single masted sailboat in the world. Mirabella V is over 247 feet long, over 48 feet wide, and the mast is 292 feet high. Can't get under any bridges we know!

Sunrise from our friends' dock where we stayed in Sunbury, GA.
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We love the farmers markets on Saturday when we find one. This one was in Charleston.

Steamed oysters anyone?

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We are in High Cotton now. Great night out and a wonderful Dinner with Joe and Julia.

Had to check out the bar before dinner.

Friday night the four of us drove to Morgan Creek bar and grill where our good friend Bil Kraus was playing. What a fun night.

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Making new friends.

Making new friends.

Making new friends.

But this is my best friend!Posted by Picasa

Sea Pearl and Tides In in another beautiful anchorage.

Another beautiful sunset over the marshes while at anchor as we say goodbye to another great day on the water.

I think they buried people back then in the closest place outside the door. Didn't want to carry them too far.

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One of our favorite bars in Charleston. A church converted into a bar.

Joe blessing himself before entering. Good Catholic boy.

Forgiving sins 12 ounces at a time. Amen

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Our ride to dinner in Charleston.

Our great friends and dinner partners Joe and Julia.

A fabulous dinner at a great Italiano restaurant including violin music by our waiter. What a special night.

This couple danced as the waiter played their favorite song.
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Sea Pearl and Tides In at anchor with us.

Wildlife along the ICW.

I think the birds like this dock. They keep it white washed.
Birdie, birdie, in the sky. You know the rest. The seagulls follow us and hunt the little fish and shrimp we stir up.
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