Saturday, October 3, 2009

Exploring with Norm and Vicki

Yesterday we said goodbye to Norm and Vicki after a wonderful couple of weeks exploring with them. We will see them again down South this winter.
Wednesday Norm and Vicki rented a mini van and the five of us headed for Williamsburg. It is always a treat to wander the town, have a cheese and wine lunch at the cheese shop, make our usual stop at the chocolate shop, and just do a relaxed exploration of such a historic place. Thursday we headed out for the airport to drop off Avie (Vicki's Mom) but not before we made a stop at one of Avie's favorites, Dairy Queen, for lunch. After dropping off Avie we headed into Richmond for a driving tour of the city which Norm and Vicki have never seen. Then it was off to the Virginia State Fair. What a great fair it was! We wandered through dozens of tents with displays, animals of all kinds, (animal poop on our shoes) and our favorite, the tent with all the babies being born and the ones born earlier that day. That was way cool! After eating and exploring our way through the fair, we cleaned the poop off our shoes, made one last stop for giant cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and headed back to Urbanna. What a great day it was and what a wonderful time we had with Norm, Vicki, and Avie (what a great lady) these last few days. We said our sad goodbyes Friday morning, promised to meet up again down South, and September Song headed South to an anchorage on the East River off Mobjack Bay where we will be until Sunday when we head for Portsmouth, load on 1000 gallons of fuel, spend the night, and head South again Monday. Fall is beautiful on the Chesapeake, but it's getting chilly, so we need to keep the pointy end headed South.

September Song (See you this winter Norm and Vicki) out
OH! Almost forgot. Got the new camera. Let the photos begin!

Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning. I think we will stay in harbor today. Lets go to Williamsburg!

You haven't been to Williamsburg unless you have a wine and cheese lunch

Our cheese expert picking out some cheeses and pate

What a great way to have lunch
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Stephanie OOOING and AAAAHING in the Williams-Sonoma store

Can't pass up a hat display without trying some on

What about this one? The Scottish look. Stephanie says "NOT" I think I need a kilt! "DOUBLE NOT"

Looking over Thomas Jefferson's shoulder
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Sights in Williamsburg

Stopped for a Dairy Queen fix for lunch on the way to the airport to drop off Vicki's Mom
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The Virginia State Fair, a fried food mecca! Corn dogs, fried twinkies, fried catfish, fried chicken, fried oreos, fried chocolate chip cookies, Italian sausage, chocolate covered potato chips, sweet potato fries, giant Cinnamon rolls, etc. etc. etc. You get the picture. (BURRRP)

Two beauties headed into the fair

Do you think this lady really needs fried dough?

Does Norm look like he is enjoying it? OH YA!!!!!
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For only 50 cents you can see the snake child

This one cost a buck

One of the best things about a fair is the fair food. As Tammy always says, "HAPPY BOY"
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Let the pig races begin!

#3 pig is the one I picked in this race. Dead last

My winning pig as he headed into the turn at a blinding 1/2 mph. What a beautiful thing
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Yes! My pig won after a brief stop to eat at the finish line

Fun and food at the fair.

They had a pavilion set up with all kinds of baby animals. This one was born hours earlier that day. We also watched chicks hatching. It was way cool
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The fishing must be good. We must have seen 200 boats fishing as we cruised from Urbanna to Mobjack Bay

Lighthouse at the entrance to Mobjack Bay
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Egg salad sandwich

Stephanie and I decided to order an egg salad sandwich to share at the old Drug Store in Urbanna with our root beer floats. For those of you who know us, we always agree.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Back in Urbanna

Thursday we headed for Solomons Island and anchored in Cuckold Creek (Cuckold means cheating on someone) which was just an overnight stop on our way to Urbanna, VA. Friday at 07:00 we headed for Mill Creek off the Great Wicomico River. The day was a day from hell on the water. The winds were blowing and the waves were hitting us broadside. (Cassie was having a fit) When we turned into the river we got hit with a big wave and got rolled. The copier/printer hit the floor and the furniture in the salon got rearranged. (not by choice) We made our way to a protected anchorage and that is where we stayed for the next two days while the wind blew and the rain fell. (some days are not so fun on the water) Sunday morning the winds calmed down a little so we made a run for Urbanna. The winds were going to be 15 to 20 with gusts to 25 starting Monday again so we wanted to be in a marina. We arrived in Urbanna to a gorgeous sunny day and tied up to the city dock where we will be until the end of the week. Vicki's Mom flies out of Richmond Thursday afternoon so we will all go to Richmond by car to drop her off and do a little exploring while we are there. Maybe I'll find a new camera. (pictures courtesy of Norm)
Sunday afternoon Norm said he was hungry for pizza, so that evening we found about the only place in town open on Sunday and it happened to be a pizza joint. After enjoying a few brews and a not so bad pizza we all went back to Tide Hiker and played a few cut throat games of UNO. Today we did little exploring and made the must stop when in Urbanna, the old Drug Store soda fountain for the best root beer float on the Chesapeake. Vicki's Mom thought it was way cool because it brought back memories. Now it's time to press publish post. The last time I tried I lost the entire post and had to do it all over again. I hate that when that happens!!!!!

September Song (I need a new camera) out

A few brews and Pizza. Just what Norm needed

Outside the pizza place

OH NO! not hat shopping again. Vicki's looks like a church lady hat. I preferred a Bahamas hat. I miss the Bahamas!

Root beer floats at the old Drug Store soda fountain
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More and more of the trees are starting to show their color. Fall is here. So what the hell are we doing here? OK, it's pretty, but it's starting to turn cold. Time to put the pointy end South, the butter is starting to get hard

Historic homes in Urbanna, VA
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