Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mom's, they made it

Well, they are finally here, and aren't they beautiful. Two girls and 50 lbs of luggage each for a week. Well maybe not quite 50 lbs. but then I am getting older so 25 lbs. feels like 50 lbs. Tonight we are going to the Hard Rock Cafe and then explore some of the crazy night life on the water front.

September Song (ready for a fun week with the girls. (2 legged) out

Two good looking girls

Boys! off limits
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Baltimore MD

Another beautiful, clear, cool day on the water as we traveled to Baltimore MD. As we traveled in the shipping channel into Baltimore Harbor a 600 ft. roll off (car carrier) came up on our stern at 16 knots. When these guys are in the channel you move out of the way ASAP. They are so big and scary when they are in the channel with you. The view of Baltimore was awesome as we traveled through the harbor to our marina. The Inner Harbor Marine Center will be our new home for the next week while Brianne and Lexis visit. The marina is in the middle of everything in the city as you can see from the pictures. So much to see and do.

See you in the city of Baltimore
September Song (ready to explore) out

We moved out of the channel for her. 600 ft. car carrier

Aurora leading the way

US Navy in for repairs

Can you see the big guns?
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View of Baltimore as we enter the harbor

Can you see the Star Spangled Buoy?

The Savannah. First nuclear powered commercial ship commissioned 1959

US Hospital ship Comfort
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View of Fort McHeny as we enter the harbor

Huge marina's in the harbor

View from the fly bridge while waiting for our slip assignment
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Views of Baltimore from our front deck

City lights of Baltimore from our front deck
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Friday, August 8, 2008

Moving the USS Constellation

Today at 5:00 PM the Baltimore Harbor was closed and the USS Constellation, one of America's most famous sailing Civil War ships was moved to another Pier. This is done once a year, and will move back on Monday. Don't ask me why they do this, but they do. It was spectacular to see this huge ship move through the harbor. We all blew out horns as she went by. Way cool!

Tug waiting to tow the Constellation

View from the front deck of the Constellation


View down our fairway of the Constellation
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Let's go swimming Mom

Mom and Dad went swimming off the back of the boat so Cassie and I put on our life jackets and went with them. We even learned how to climb up the ladder and on to the swim platform. (with a little help) It was great fun floating and swimming in our life jackets. Uncle Steve and Aunt Diane came over in their little boats and played with us too. We even got to chase balls. Mom and Dad are great.

Godiva out

Me in my life jacket

Swimming with Steve and Diane

Swimming after the ball

Wanna race
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Magothy river anchorage

Another great anchorage. As I blog this I am watching the sun come up over the anchorage with a cool breeze blowing in the salon window and a flock of geese taking off the water. What a great way to start a new day. We have been doing a lot of exploring in Half Note and playing on another dog gone good beach, Cassie and Godiva said it has been the best yet. Steve and Diane are still with us on Aurora and we have been having a great time with them. Last night was Mexican night on September Song with enchiladas, margaritas, and Mexican music. Tonight is curry night on Aurora. We will spend another day here and then on to Baltimore where we will pick up Brianne and Lexis, our grand daughters (16 and 15) at the airport and they will spend the next week with us. We are looking forward to spending time with them exploring Baltimore. See you at the airport, girls, can't wait. The weather is going to be in the low 60's at night and the low 80's during the day for the next several days. I know it is hot back home, I wish I could send some of this beautiful weather back to Georgia for you. Forrest Gump was right when he said, "life is like a box of chocolates" Time to take the kids (dogs) to the potty beach for their morning walk.

See you in Baltimore,
September Song out

We have seen hundreds of these huge homes on the water

Another dog gone good beach

A romp on the sand bar (throw the ball mom)
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Typical light house on the Chesapeake

View from the fly bridge

Bumper sail boats

Who lives in all these mansions?
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rock Hall

Another great trip on the water to Rock Hall. We were treated to diamonds on the water, a beautiful reflection of the sun on the waves. We passed the summer camp again and this time the kids were having fun in the water. Looks like a great camp. When we arrived at the FREE dock at the Waterman's Marina and Restaurant the Discovery channel was filming for some sort of program on the Chesapeake. We smiled for the camera. Rock Hall is another cute little historic town and very laid back. While we were in town we found an old drug store with and old fashioned soda fountain. We couldn't pass this up, so we shared an old fashioned root beer float. (YUM) As you can see we pigged out last night on blue crab and they were excellent, and it was a great time. We took three hours to do the job. That's it for now, we are headed for an anchorage a couple hours away.

See you on the hook. (at anchor)
September Song out

Weird house

Kids sailing at camp

Playing on the water rock wall

Diamonds on the water
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View of Rock Hall

Rock Hall

Catchin' enathin?

View from the fly bridge
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