Friday, April 9, 2010

When it's hot!

When it's hot, hit the pool. Nothing better on a hot afternoon than lounging around in the pool. The last two afternoons it's been hot here so most of us have been enjoying the pool at Sombrero Resort. As I said before, if we have to wait out Mother Nature, I can't think of a better place along with good friends to wait for that crossing window to the Islands.
Last night Jay and Nancy treated us all to a rum punch party on the North end of the dock. (much cooler in the North) It was a fun evening with a spaghetti pot filled with rum punch and a table filled with great apps. Thanks Jay and Nancy, it was a fun evening.
Today Todd and Brenda return from four days with the Gypsies in the Key West Playground, or as Gypsies call it, "Key Weird". I'm sure they had a great time (what they can remember of it) with Doug and Tammy (AKA The Liver Destroyers) enjoying all the sites, sounds, and adult beverages Key Weird has to offer. I'm sure their blog will be filled with all the details, so when they rest up (get sober) they will be posting it along with "censored" pictures. (come on guys, give us a couple of uncensored one's) See you at the Sombrero Resort tonight guys, you aren't getting off that easy! Yes, that's where we will be, dancing to the great music by Tommy Santelli after a dip in the pool.

September song (see you on the dance floor) out

Our dock mates at the Rum Punch Party.
Her first dip in a pool.
Katie, Jay, and Nancy chilling in the pool
What do you do on a hot afternoon in the Keys? Pool party!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Marathon playground

I guess if we have to wait for Mother Nature to give us a weather window to cross to the Islands, I can't think of a better place to wait her out. It takes us five to six days of travel to get to the Exumas and we would like at least two good days in a row for our crossing. The weather here in Marathon has been great, but 6 to 8 foot seas on the Atlantic doesn't make for a comfortable ride. September Song has been in worse, but why not wait. Besides, we are having a ball here while we wait. I'm not going to go through everything we have been doing this past few days, besides, most of you want "pictures," so I will let them do the talking. The "group" is headed for the pool after lunch for a day of sun, swimming, and pizza. See you at the pool.

September Song (at the Marathon playground) out

Saw this seahorse swimming around our boat. Way cool!
Another great beach day with cruising friends
Bob and Katie Stone on Floating Stone
Jay and Nancy on Serendipity
The cruising group ready for a birthday party for Linda on Wheres?Linda. Pete, Linda's husband had to go back home for business, so we filled in. What a fun night!
My love with the birthday girl Linda
No need for a fork and plate to eat birthday cake
Happy birthday Linda
Salty enjoying a lap dance with Stephanie
Our family cars parked in the beach parking lot
Godiva patiently waiting for the next person to throw the ball
Cassie, the fish hunter. I don't know what she would do if she caught one
Nothing better than a dock party pot luck. YUM!

Drinks, apps, good cruising friends, and music. My kind of night
This little girl has a future in the music business. She already plays the drum and has a beautiful singing voice.
Robin and Jim Roberts from Adventures join us
Are we having fun yet?
Great music to listen and dance to by Tommy Santelli
My new dance partner