Saturday, September 13, 2008

We love anchoring out

We left Morehead City headed for an anchorage we saw on the way North in the spring. The weather is good, water is still warm, and the swimming was great. No beaches in this area and far and few between on the way South. The girls don't mind as long as they can go in the water. They are so funny to watch swimming around in their life jackets. After they were done it was time for mom and dad (no pictures please) to take a dip. Tonight Stephanie fixed soft shelled crab for dinner and we enjoyed them on the upper deck as the sun set. Great way to end a beautiful day. Tomorrow we head for another anchorage.

September Song out

This is for the birds

Remember this from spring (keep your head down)

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Life is good

They love the water

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Morehead city, NC

Morehead City is one of those stops that has a great marina, good fuel prices, nice people, but not much to see. We did take the marina loaner car to Atlantic beach which is a huge tourist area with a great beach, did some shopping, stopped at West Marine (always a must) and picked up some provisions at Food Lion.

September Song (they all can't be spectacular) out

Atlantic beach

Calm day on the ocean
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The further we travel South the flatter the land gets

Morehead City NC harbor is the largest importer of rubber in the US. Also one of the largest exporters of phosphate

Neptune came by to say high. We thanked him for calm seas
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pictures that didn't post-Tryon palace

Entrance to the Palace

Crest over the entrance

Horse barns

Rear entrance to the gardens

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Tryon Palace, New Bern NC

Today we toured Tryon Palace, the historic Capitol and Governor's residence from 1770 to 1794. I would love to show you the inside but, as usual no cameras are allowed. The interior was fabulous with hand carved trim and moldings, and period furniture. The gardens were interesting as well as beautiful. The 13 gardens included the kitchen garden which they use to prepare meals each day for the workers the way they did it in the 1700's. Pictures are worth a thousand words but, no cameras allowed. All in all it was a great tour. We had a late lunch (lupper) at Baker's square, a home town bakery and restaurant. Couldn't leave without buying some baked goods. (Yum)

September Song (headed for Morehead City in the AM) out


Beautiful gardens

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Imagine our surprise to see a train using the city streets

Cool old Fire Department
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pepsi Cola

New Bern is the town Pepsi Cola was created

Inside the Pharmacy where Pepsi Cola was created
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The Captain Takes a rest

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New Bern NC

New Bern is another one of those great little towns with its own unique charm. Lot's of little home grown businesses and restaurants (no chains) and very friendly people. We arrived yesterday afternoon late because we did 80 miles. Not long after we tied up it poured down rain. (timing is everything) After the rain let up we went to the marina restaurant, had dinner and turned in. Today we finished putting the enclosure back up on the fly bridge, we will need it Thursday (high in the low 70's) and finished a few other maintenance items, then went to town. The weather will not be good again tomorrow with a cold front moving through, so we will hole up for one more day. This is a great place for a weather day, we still have lots more to explore in New Bern.

September Song (holed up in New Bern) out

You tell me what this is. We saw this on the way into the harbor at New Bern. Notice the trees. Fall is just around the corner here.

Our welcoming party
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We found this old Hardware Store that is the best I have ever seen. They had everything you ever wanted, could think of, and more including really old old stuff. (way cool) If they didn't have it, it has not been made.

Old time bins

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New Bern City Hall

Beautiful old church (Christ Church Episcopal)
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