Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Island time!

As I compose this blog, Stephanie is at the helm on the flybridge, listening to Island music, Cassie and Godiva are in their underway spots, and I am in the pilot house, enjoying the beautiful blue waters on a calm day as we head to our jumping off point at No Name Harbour near Miami. We (Steve and Kim MV "Maya" and Stephen and Pam "MV Tides In") will leave at first light tomorrow, Saturday, and put the pointy end East to Bimini, our first stop in the Islands and our check in port at Customs. We will leave there before first light on Sunday, because it's around eighty miles to the Berry Islands. Monday, we will head to Nassau, where we will rendezvous with Jay, Nancy, William, and Judy, (the two sailboats that will be with us) play a few days, then head to the beautiful Exumas.
We won't have cell service, and limited Internet, but I will be checking my e-mail, and blogging from time to time, so, welcome aboard and let's go on "Island time Mon".
Oh, and we will have the poles in. Zing....."Fish on, FISH ON"!

September Song (let's go to the Islands "Mon") out

We had a pizza party Wednesday night on the dock. Several boats were leaving Thursday, and, well, any excuse for a party.

A group of our cruising friends and dock mates, wishing us well, and saying goodbye, as we get ready to pull away from the dock. We will miss them, (except the ones that are going to the Islands) but we will all be together again next winter. What a blast we had. Hugs to all of you! Thanks for being our friends.

MV Maya, as we travel to our jump-off point.

MV Tides In  off our starboard.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Birthday/going away party

It was my love's Birthday, and I thought it would be a great time to get our cruising friends and dock mates together to help celebrate Stephanie's Birthday, and a last get together before everyone starts leaving the end of this week for the Islands (that be us and several others) and other cruising grounds. 
We started out at Dockside for happy hour, apps, and Stephanie's "turd-el cake, with twenty some of our cruising friends. what fun!
After happy hour(s), we all headed down the dock, where Adrienne, a musician friend, set up on the aft deck of Bill and Patty's boat, Conched Out Too, and played for us for three hours. She is sooo good! 
Great party with good friends.
Tammy - Yes we had Fireballs!
It's always sad to leave our friends here, but most of them will be back next winter.
We will be leaving here Thursday with four other boats, and head to our staging area, where we will leave from on Saturday, and put the pointy end East, and head to the Islands "Mon".
We have enjoyed our time here in the Keys, with great friends and fun times, but it's time to start a new adventure. We will be back next winter.

September Song (good bye Keys, hello Bahamas) out

Happy Birthday to the Admiral of our ship, my best friend, partner, lover, playmate, and wife, Stephanie. I am the luckiest guy in the whole world, to have married the love of my life.

I asked the lady at Publix to add a turtle to Stephanie's cake. I said turtle, not turd-el. It looked like something Cassie and Godiva leave and we pick up with a bag. We all got a great laugh out of it, and Stephanie promptly picked it up with a napkin.
Candy, serving up pudding shots. YUUMM!

What a great show Adrienne put on for us last night!

Adrienne's nieces joined her. What great talents they are at ages nine and twelve.

Two lovely ladies at the dock concert. This is the last time we will get to See Ron, Rena, and the family until next March. It's always so great to see, and play with them in the Keys. We will miss you guys!
Rhonda and Abby at the Dock Concert. Abby loved the music, and even recognized one of the songs.
 Hugs Abby! She's a good hugger!