Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Key Weird Christmas

OMG! What a blast we had with our great cruising friends, Doug and Tammy, (Gypsies in the Palace) on our second "annual" Key Weird Christmas in Key West.
We left Friday Morning to a beautiful day on the Atlantic for our trip to Key West. Doug and Tammy arrived late that afternoon, and it took us about an hour to say hello, stow their bags, and it was off to Schooners Wharf for happy hour, some wings, then off to our new favorite spot, The Smokin' Tuna.
Our good musician friend, Scott Kirby is part owner and plays great music at the Tuna.
The next day, Christmas Eve, was going to be a big day, late night, and early morning for us, (Christmas Eve and Christmas morning all meld together) so we decided to make it an early night, so just after midnight we headed back to September Song. Besides, I had major surgery and Stephanie had minor surgery scheduled at 10:00AM.
After our successful, and I might add beautiful, way cool surgery, it was time to start our Key Weird Christmas. Well, true to tradition, Christmas Eve and Christmas morning melded together. Key West is always in a party mood on Christmas Eve.
It was the day/night before Christmas, and all through the town, all the crazies were out, not a mouse to be found. All the ladies were dressed in their tiny Santa's helper suits, and as usual my camera in hand, not one was to be left out. Me with a Captain and Coke and Stephanie, Tammy, and Doug with a Coors Lite in hand, it was now time to party till well after midnight. Merry Christmas to all, and it was another Key Weird Christmas fun night.
 I did remember to leave the anchor light on so Santa could find Cassie and Godiva, and I knew he had made it, because I saw him at Schooners, his last stop. Santa was too busy with all those Santa's helpers in their tiny red suits on his lap ("and what do you want for Christmas, big girl"), so I asked Rudolph, and he said thanks for leaving the light on, and sorry about what he left on the roof of the fly bridge, but he couldn't wait any longer.
We spent Christmas morning, well the other half of it, opening presents, enjoying a fabulous Christmas dinner made by chef Stephanie, then it was time to do it all over again. We started out at The Green Parrot for sound check, and ended up at Irish Kevin's for a wild and crazy Christmas night. Jeff Harris was playing, and he had the house rockin'.  About a dozen of Santa's helpers decided to show us their Rudolph's with the pink noses. Sorry guys, my blog is still rated G. We got back to September Song after midnight again, and Cassie and Godiva were happy to see us. Note from Godiva..."Leave the gate open next time and we will go out on our own."
The next day (those five hour energy's work!) we started out at Schooner's for some great music, wings, and tuna apps, then on to the Raw Bar for oysters and rings with friends, then on to the Smokin' Tuna to meet up with a musician friend, Bil Kraus, and his wife, Elizabeth, who had just arrived in Key West. Bil plays at Irish Kevin's during the winter. His first time to play was the next day, but the four of us had to leave in the morning, (our livers won't stand for another night) so we won't get to hear him, but we will be back, I'm sure more than once. We have the Keys disease, and its incurable.
It has been a fun four day Key Weird Christmas with our great friends, Doug and Tammy, and it's always sad to say good-bye, but we will be together again soon, and hope we will be back again for our third annual "Key Weird Christmas."
Love you Guys!
We will miss you!
Thanks for sharing another Key Weird Christmas.

September Song (What a great Christmas) out
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The weather was perfect for our trip to Key West. Nothing like a beautiful, warm, calm day out on the blue waters of the Atlantic.

Coming in the channel at Key West. I see some others are going to have a Key Weird Christmas.
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Who is that good looking couple in Key West? It's Doug and Tammy, headed to Paradise Tattoo with us for our Christmas presents.

Stephanie, in minor surgery.

Me, in major surgery.
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 It will never be the same.

I've talked about it for years, now I did it. I love it! No regrets. I love it.

Call us crazy, but at our age, we can do what we want.
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Ready to start our Key Weird Christmas

A stop at the tuna to see our musician friend, Scott Kirby.

Key West chicken. They roam the town and are protected. Just don't go near Schooner's, Mr. chicken.

Now that's a van!
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One of our favorite stops. They asked where you were, Rena (AKA the oyster queen)

Scott Kirby, playing at the Smokin' Tuna.

Fun night with cruising friends at the Tuna.

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Santa, Santa! You've got work to do.

Great friends!

Cruising friends John and Shawna. They are starting a five year circumnavigation Thursday on their sailboat. Good luck Guys!

Another great musician at the Tuna.
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A couple of Santa's helpers.

Mrs's Santa's back porch.

Oh Santa!

Lots of Santa's helpers in Key West.
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Cassie, tearing into her present.

Another kid on Christmas morning. I forgot to crop out the Captain and Coke. (AKA the hair of the dog)

"Thanks Santa"

A fabulous Christmas dinner prepared by Chef Stephanie on the fly bridge. Good job honey!
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Palm trees and Christmas lights. Why would you want to be any place else?

Sound check at the Green Parrot with the Blue Vipers of Brooklyn

They don't look too bad for having so little sleep. "We can sleep when we get home, we're in Key West. Whooppee!"
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A couple of Santa's helpers, helping Jeff at Irish Kevin's.

 Jeff brought this Santa's helper up on the stage. He bet her if he could sing a popular song with her name in it, Kendra, she would drop her top. I don't think there ever has been a song with the name Kendra in it. Well, Happy Birthday to Kendra. Sorry guys, my blog is still rated G. OK, G-.

You meet so many fun people. Mom is on the left. What a fun lady!

Are they having fun yet? I don't know what brand of beer the one on the right was drinking, but it made her top fall off. Sorry, still G-.
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OK, I can show you this one of the Bartender. G-.

The before. Can't show you the after.

I decided to take a seat at the table in front of the stage with these two guys. All-of-a sudden, I thought some one was trying to pick my pocket. Actually, the one on the left was just being friendly. OMG, was I surprised. I said it was nice to meet you, and headed back to our table.

She was our waitress and a fun girl, and took good care of us. She knows how to get a good tip!
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