Thursday, December 16, 2010

Special day to us

Today is a special day. Today is our tenth anniversary. Stephanie and I have been together for more than ten years, but ten years ago we said I do. We were married in the smallest church in America, in Eulonia, Georgia. There were seven of us including the minister, and I think that's all that would fit in the church.
The years we have spent together have been so wonderful, and she is my best friend, lover, and the admiral of our ship. I don't know what I did to deserve such a great wife, but I'm just glad we had the good fortune to find each other.
It's not the life you live, but the person you live your life with. Every time I think our life together couldn't get any better, and we couldn't get any closer......It does, and we do.
I don't know what the future will bring, but I know as long as we are together, all will be OK.

September Song (I love you Stephanie) out

{from Stephanie - And I love you more than words can say. I'd do it all again!}

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Monday, December 13, 2010

A dog gone good day!

That's not me next to Godiva, It's a friend we met at the beach that likes to play ball too. She would steal the ball from Godiva and run away. I'm behind them fishing.

That's my mom throwing the ball for my sister.
Mom and Dad took us to play at the dog beach Sunday. We had a fun time meeting other dogs and their Moms and Dads. Godiva chased the stupid ball, and I went fishing. Godiva drank some salt water and when we got back home, she puked. Salty and his Mom and Dad are coming here on Sea Pearl after the first of the year and Salty can go to the beach with us. I can't wait to smell his little butt again. Dad said I shouldn't do that, butt that's what we do Dad, because we can't hug and kiss like you do. We went to the beach in our van. Aunt Tammy and Uncle Doug brought it down for us, and it's really cool to have a car here so we can go for rides. (especially to the beach!) We are going to take September Song down to Key West for Christmas and Aunt Tammy and Uncle Doug are coming down to stay with us. Can't wait to see them! We like going for walks in Key West because lots of people stop and pet us. Some of the people are really weird, and they dress their dogs in weird costumes. Sometimes Mom and Dad and Uncle Doug and Aunt Tammy go to town, and when they come back, they act a little weird too.
Dad said it is really cold up North and there is snow on the ground. I've only seen snow in a picture of Dakota, our friend, playing in it. I think it would be fun to play in the snow, but Mom says she never wants to see snow again.
Did you see the picture of me and Godiva sitting by the Christmas tree. Dad loves to take pictures, and I looked really cool in my jingle bells collar. Godiva said I looked stupid. I told her to go chase the stupid ball.
We can't wait for Christmas! Dad said he saw Santa at the bar at Schooners Wharf a couple of weeks ago when they went to Key West. Santa said that Schooners Wharf is his last stop because they leave beer and wings under their Christmas palm tree for him. Maybe Mom and Dad will let us go hang out with Rudolf in the bar. Dad says no, because Rudolf and all the other reindeer will be smoking cigars and drunk. Santa, if you read this, Dad said he would leave the anchor light on so you can find us.
Well, that's all for now. Maybe my stupid sister will do a blog one day.

September Song dog (I love going to the beach!) out

That's me hunting for fish. None yet, but I know they are out there somewhere

That's my Dad playing with us in the water. See any fish Dad?
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holidays in Marathon

When in the Florida Keys, it's hard to believe it's December and Christmas is almost here. Not to worry, everyone down here is in the Christmas spirit (and spirits). Christmas boat parties, Christmas boat parade, Santa in shorts, and all the boats in the marina are decorated for Christmas.
We kicked off the holidays last night with a party on September Song while watching the Marathon Boat Parade pass by and had Chinese delivered to the boat. Who says you need cold and snow to be in the holiday spirit?
Saturday was such a beautiful day, our new boat friends, Rick and Therese on Cap'tN Hook, decided to go fishing for marlin and dolphin and they invited me to go along. It was a great day out on the Atlantic, but the only thing we caught were a few cero mackerel and one seagull. Yes, I said a seagull. It decided that our bait looked pretty good. You will be happy to know we got it in safely, removed the hook, and it flew off unharmed. (didn't have a recipe for Seagull)
For all of our friends up North fighting a snow storm and cold as I post this blog, it is going to be in the upper 70's here today, a cold front is coming through tomorrow and it's only going to be in the 60's for a couple of days, and then back in the mid 70's again. Are you ready to strangle me yet? Sorry, I couldn't help myself, but I'm so glad not to have to deal with the snow and cold. Be safe up there and throw another log on the fire.

September Song (in the holiday spirit) out

Cassie and Godiva's stockings are hung with care, with hopes that Saint Nick will soon be here.
"Are you sure Santa will find us in Key West on Christmas Eve Dad" Yes, I'm sure. Remember, we are going to be docked just outside his last stop, Schooners Wharf, for his beer and wings. We will leave a six pack of Coors Light out and leave the anchor light on just to make sure.

September Song all dressed up for Christmas.

Cassie and Godiva showing off their jingle bells collars. They are so cute! "Dad, can we get down now?" "You aren't going to take our picture in our Christmas PJ's are you?"
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September Song got an early Christmas present. We decided to change out our Delta 55 pound stainless anchor to a new 88 pound stainless Delta fast set and new chain. (a little extra anchoring insurance is a good thing) She is so proud of her new anchor and chain.

Anyone in need of 600 pounds of used chain? Bring a truck!
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Bird on, Bird on! We usually say fish on, fish on, but this time it was a seagull. You will all be happy to know that I got the hook out and it flew away unharmed. A little shook up, but unharmed.
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Saturday night was the Marathon Christmas parade.

Boaters in Marathon really get into the Christmas spirit

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Now that's a lobster!

You don't have to look very far in the Keys to find a Pirate.
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