Friday, May 14, 2010

Internet here is a pain

Internet here is a pain in the b%&#, but I guess you are all worth it. The winds are still 20 to 25 so we will stay here and do some diving and beaching. No, not bitching, beaching. How could a person bitch about being in paradise, not knowing what time it is, having to ask what day it is, deciding what beach to go to, and , well, you know the rest from all the pictures.
We will be leaving here in the next day or two when the winds are going to calm and head for another anchorage so stay tuned.

September Song (blowing in the wind) out

Now that was a fish!

September Song on her mooring ball

Cassie pulling Mon around on the float

Kite boarding next to our boat
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Mexican night on September Song

You never know what will show up next to your boat. When he took off the wind was blowing and he just missed September Song with his wing.

Love snorkeling!
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Who are those happy people? Oh, that's us!

Mahi dinner on Sea Pearl. YUUUMMMM!

Joe sets a beautiful table
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It will be here waiting for us to return

Today Stephanie and I made the climb to the top of Boo Boo Hill to put our September Song sign back in it's place all dressed up with new color, all of our names, and 2010 added to it. We look forward to the next time we are here and add another year to our little sign waiting for us on Boo Boo Hill.
Cassie and Godiva love this spot because they have a playground only 30 yards from September Song. At low tide each day a massive beach appears and they know it's time to play. "Come on Dad, it's time" Godiva chases the ball and Cassie is on the hunt, running the whole time. Godiva is starting to turn blond from being in the water and sun so much. I don't know of two other dogs that have as much fun as these two do.
As I said in my previous blog, the wind has picked up to 20 to 25 kt for a couple of days, but we are on the protected side of the Cay so it doesn't bother us too much.

September Song (we will be back!) out

Cassie and Godiva have a playground that they visit each day we are here. It's about 30 yards from where September Song is moored and at low tide each day a beach appears with tons of room to run and play.

Stephanie carrying our sign back to Boo Boo Hill

Arriving at the top of Boo Boo Hill
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Our September Song sign is back in it's place and will wait and watch for us from Boo Boo hill for the next time it sees us coming over the horizon. And we will be back!!!!

Stephanie placing our sign back in its spot where it can see us coming next trip to the Exumas

The seas are angry today with 20 to 25 kt winds. On a day like today it's good to be on the protected side of Warderick Wells Cay.

View of the ocean from Boo Boo Hill
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello from Warderick Wells Cay

If you notice the time this was posted you will see it is after 23:00. This was the only time I could get on the net. I guess the mouse that runs on the wheel that powers the Internet here at Warderick Well Cay is nocturnal. As you can see it was another in the water play day and the snorkeling was great. We have had two gorgeous weeks of light winds, but the winds are going to pick up for the next couple of day so I guess we will just have to hang here for a couple more days and make them beach days. Oh well, I guess we will live through it :-). What's that you say? I know, I know, just send pictures and leave out the sarcasm.
We found out today that our Granddaughter Brianne will be joining us the 3rd of June after her graduation from high school (am I that old?) to cruise with us. She has a one way ticket to the Islands to meet up with us. Does that mean we get to keep her? Should be great fun! Don't worry, we will send her home when she gets tired of us Patti.

September Song (ZZZZZZZZZZ'S) out

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Joe with his Sea Pearl sign ready to make his first trip up Boo Boo hill

That's Boo Boo Hill up there

Signs point the way that many cruisers in this paradise have taken

We found Life's2Short's sign. Hopefully they will be back one day to add another year to their sign. We looked for Gypsies, Tide Hiker, Rickshaw, and others, but didn't find them. I'm sure they are there somewhere, but we didn't want to disturb all the others looking for them. (It's a kinda sacred place, you know what I mean)
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Beausoleil...John and Shawna's sign. They were in the same marina in Key West with the Gypsie's where they both spent the winter. We met them in Marathon and hooked up with them again this past Saturday at Warderick Wells

Joe adding his Sea Pearl sign to all the others on Boo Boo Hill to let all who come to this hill know he and Salty were here in this paradise.

Searching for our September Song's sign we put here last year. We found it waiting for us and took it back to the boat and Stephanie added 2010 to it. We will make the trip back up Boo Boo hill again and place it back in the same spot. Got goose bumps when we found it.

We found Jack and Susan's sign Freyja. We touched it for you Jack and Susan and it wants to know when you will be back.
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Mom and her girls playing in the water on Mothers Day

A pair to draw to. Man I love that lady!

Godiva feeling for her ball under water

Does she look relaxed
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Ya, another fish on!

Rub-a-dub dub seven people in a tub. Do you think they have enough life jackets? NOT!

Every Saturday night there's a beach party for the cruisers at the beach by the park HQ. What a great way to meet new friends.

Another perfect sunset on another perfect day. This is the view from our upper deck. Time to blow the conch horns. We love this time of day!
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