Friday, January 1, 2010

Ringing in 2010

Well, the New Year is here. What a great time we had bringing it in with good cruising friends. We started out the night on September Song with enough apps that we probably could have made that dinner. From there we made our way to Wahoo's for dinner, then moved to the bar to usher in the New Year. The drinks flowed and the laughter roared the whole evening. Cruisers know how to party! (where did I park that boat?) needless to say it was a late night but we had a ball. After such a late night I don't know why I woke up so early, but it was worth it to see the first sunrise of 2010 over the harbor. What a beautiful start to a new year.
2009 was a great year for us cruising on September Song and 2010 and beyond promises to be just as good if not better. Life has been good to me, especially being able to share it with a wonderful wife, best friend, and admiral of our ship who loves cruising as much as I do. Thanks Stephanie for making our life together so special. Love you!
We are going to be here in Stuart for a couple more weeks until after the DeFever Rendezvous, but hang in there, we will be back out on the waterways cruising and exploring soon.

September Song (Happy New Year) out

Happy hour on September Song

Do you think Norm and Vicki are having fun yet?

"Chuck, you are suppose to look at the camera!"

Gregg and Karen, new cruising friends that joined the wild and crazy group
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Joe's a happy boy! Julia is here for a few days

This is the luckiest guy in the whole world!!! I get to spend 2010 with the love of my life. Now, if we could just remember where we docked that boat.

Shawnie, our bartender extraordinaire, says Hi Doug and Tammy.

First sunrise of 2010 over the harbor. Great way to start the New Year! What the h#$$ am I doing up so early after staying out soooo late?
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas and then some

We had a great Christmas on September Song. Just the four of us as all of our cruising friends headed out to parts unknown for the holiday. Stephanie gave me a new underwater camera and it is way cool. It has the most amazing features. It's also a regular camera. It automatically knows when you have it under water and adjusts itself. I can't wait to try it out in the Islands. Look forward to some amazing pictures. For Christmas dinner Stephanie, as usual, outdid her self again. Man was it good!
Yesterday we drove the girls to the beach for a play day and they had a blast playing in the waves and water and chasing the ball. While we are in a marina they miss play days in the water.
Yesterday Joe, Norm, and Vicki returned from their trips, so we all went to Wahoo's for happy hour. Well, one hour turned into another, then another, then we met two other couples staying on a boat on the other side of the marina and the nine of us ended up spending the whole night there. We were bad, but it was great fun. Good thing all we had to do was walk back to the boats. (now, where did I park that boat?) The nine of us will be at Wahoo's for New Year's Eve along with lots more of our cruising friends. (can you say PARRRTY?)
Today was a sad day in our cruising community. Puss, one of the 23 year old boat cats on Gypsies died last night. As we all know, they are family, and it's hard when you lose one. She had a great life and a great Mom and Dad, and I know she will be missed. Goodbye Puss, you were a great cat. Say Hi to Pica for us. Check out Gypsies blog to read about Puss.

September Song (goodbye Puss) out

Rib roast on the grill. YUM!

Stephanie hard at work preparing Christmas dinner.

Now that's a Christmas dinner!

Cassie guarding her Christmas present. As with all kids and the excitement of Christmas Cassie got sick and threw up. YUK!
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Play day at the beach for Cassie and Godiva

They love jumping, playing, and chasing the ball in the waves
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Part of the gang is back from their trips for the holiday, so we went up to Wahoo's for happy hour to celebrate....and celebrate....and celebrate! We were bad! Went waaay beyond happy hour.

Suzanne and Frank, cruisers who joined us at Wahoo's to celebrate.

Janine and Al, Friends staying with Suzanne and Frank for the week joined in.
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