Saturday, March 26, 2011

Together again

We left Sarasota early so we could spend a few more days with my brother Ron and his family. If you remember from a previous blog, we had to leave early to head to Sarasota because of weather and only had Saturday and Sunday to spend with Ron and Rena before we left. While we were gone, more of the family arrived. It was so great to be able to spend the last three days with Ron, Rena, my nieces, their husbands, and my great nieces and nephews. Because of this vagabond life we lead, cruising, We don't get to see them very often. Next year they will be back while we are here, and from the sounds of it, some of my cousins, the Kimbels will be here also. God willing, we will all be here in Marathon together next winter again. What a party that will be, and what a great time we had with all of them this last three days. Love you all, keep up with us via the blog, and we will see you next March.

September Song (it was great) out

Sunset at our anchorage just off shore of the Little Shark River in the Everglades National Park. That night, with no lights in site, we felt like we could reach up and touch the stars.

On our way back to Marathon we had to dodge about a thousand crab pot floats. Stephanie says the only thing good about crab pots is that we get to eat stone crabs.

The dolphins love playing in our bow wake. I think this is some kind of a game or something for them.
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Almost hooked this one.

Most of our trip back to Marathon was flat calm. What a beautiful trip back.

The water and the sky were so blue it was hard to tell where the water ended and the sky began.

Godiva, enjoying the trip back to Marathon on the front deck.
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Ben, ready to captain September Song.

Rhonda and Nancy, one of our cruising friends.

Nancy, Jay, Rhonda, and Bill. Bill and Rhonda now have a second set of parents.
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The lovely Katie. She left Thursday for New York to sing in Carnegie Hall.

Four beautiful ladies. Who is that guy who snuck into the picture. Oh, that's my brother Ron.

Do you think we had a good time at Dockside? Well Ya!

I love this picture.
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Fun on the dance floor at Dockside, the bar at our marina.

Usually it's after dinner drinks. This is after party at Dockside drinks on the fly bridge of September Song.

Bill dancing with Jan. It was her Birthday.

This is how our fuel comes. Needed to top off the tanks after our trip to Sarasota before we head to the Islands.
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Two of the best looking ladies at Sparky's Landing.

Some of the family on the courtesy cart at Castaways Bar and Grill.

No. It's not snowing in Marathon. I think it's time to clean my camera.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where do I start?????

Well, I guess I should start where I left off last. Oh, ya, Cabbage Key where they don't grow cabbage. We left our anchorage at Pelican Bay to a beautiful cruise on the Gulf to Sarasota (party central) at first light and arrived in Sarasota late monday afternoon. Tuesday Stephanie and I worked on the boat, her cleaning and me doing maintanance. Wednesday Steve Koch came over in the morning and we started to install a back-up inverter and he finished Thursday. (hurry up Steve, the party is going to begin) You can never have enough spare parts and back-up systems when you travel out of the country, and we will be in the Islands Mon in a couple of weeks. Can't wait! Thank's Steve for getting it done so we could leave Monday morning to get back to Marathon to see my brother and his family for a couple of days before they head back to Ilinois. All work and no play, well, you know our group. We didn't let a little work get in the way of our fun with all our cruising buddies together in Sarasota. From Wednesday through Sunday night we partied hard with our old, and some new cruising buddies. We didn't get to bed till after midnight any night and it was a blast to say the least. I think I said enough in the pictures that follow to give you an idea of how much fun it was. It was also great that Doug and Tammy drove down to join in the fun (didn't take much to convince them) and stay on September Song, and Todd and Brenda came down from St. Pete on Lifes2Short to join in the fun. Todd and Brenda are going back to work in about six months and it was great to have them here with the rest of the wild and crazy group for one last time.
Oh, the rendezvous. The rendezvous was a success, Cassie and Godiva did a good job with their presentation, "A dogs eye view of the Bahamas" and it was fun to see about 130 of our fellow Defever Cruisers, attend the seminars (even though we were out till after midnight every night) and enjoy those early evening parties. What a great group!
I'm posting this while we are in the Gulf on a calm, warm, beautiful day with the pointy end headed South and Stephanie is at the helm. I needed to get this done in the peace and quiet now, because I know when we get into Marathon (FLAKEYS, a new term by Susan Connelly) Wednesday, our group of cruising friends there, along with my brother and his family will be ready to do something I'm sure. (is there any doubt in your mind!)
Ok, I know, you want to get to the pictures.

September Song (two days of needed rest) out

Dolphins playing in our bow wake on the way to Sarasota.

A party barge leaving Sarasota harbor.

A group of Amish ladies out for a day cruise. I thought the Amish were land lovers. No bikinis on that boat!
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Some of the early arrivals getting together on September Song's fly bridge.

A little warm-up party before the rest of the group gets here.

Brenda's big kid Todd.
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Steve and Di cutting the rug.

Wild and crazy night. Well, we haven't seen each other for a while and we need to take advantage of it.

While in Sarasota, Steve installed a back-up inverter. Never can have too many back-up systems when cruising out of the country. Islands here we come Mon!

Our back-up inverter all ready to go if we need it. Thanks Steve, good job. Now let's go party!
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Todd and Brenda ready for St. Patricks day......At 11:00AM? Can't drink and party all day unless you start early, but 11:00 AM!

A happy couple waiting for the rest of the group to show up so we can get the party started.

Does she look devilish or what? That whole thing on her head lit up green and flashed. Speaking of flashing...OK, I won't go there.

As Brenda always says, "just Todd being Todd".
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What a group! Love these guys!

I don't know why the bar maid wanted to kiss me. Maybe it's because of the button I was wearing that said "kiss me, I'm Irish." Do you suppose?

I'll take the one on the left Todd.

Todd was in a kissy mood. Everyone loves to kiss Norm's bald head.
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