Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Together again

We only had a short visit with the Gypsies, but it's always great to be together again. They are wo...wo..working (it's hard for me to say that four letter word and both have exciting jobs and still living on Gypsies in the Palace. We are happy they are both loving what they are doing, but we will miss seeing them on the stern of September Song when we head to the Islands. If you have been following my blog, you see we take every chance to get together with them. What a great time we had with them in Cocoa. While we are in the Keys this winter they are going to sneak away a couple of times and come down and stay with us on September Song. We look forward to those visits.

September Song (Missing our cruising buddies) out

Doug and Tammy's scooters. OMG! they had a baby. No, not Doug and Tammy, the scooters.

Provisioning. When it's on sale you need to stock up.
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An afternoon at the Cocoa Beach Pier with our cruising buddies Doug and Tammy

View of the beach from the pier

The waves were 8 to 10 feet and the surfing was fantastic. This guy on his boogie board was amazing.
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Tammy made a key lime pie for dessert. We ate it Bahama style. No plates, just forks, and pass the pie around.

I can't believe we ate the whole thing!

Always a hoot when we are with Doug and Tammy.

Nothing like a good cigar with your after dinner drink on the fly bridge
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Afternoon at Fishlips

New style hat. OH! That's not a hat they left for me? OH! It's the lid to our apps dish? I'll have another Captain and Coke, please.

Great afternoon of apps, drinks, and laughs at a great waterside bar overlooking Port Canaveral.

Sure will miss these guys, again.
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