Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our surfer dog

Can you believe it! Cassie loves body surfing almost as much as she likes hunting fish. After a few lessons from teacher Stephanie, the two of them were having a great time body surfing together at Blackbeard. Cassie gets so excited when she catches a wave. What a hoot watching the two of them.

Cassie AKA surfer dog and fisher dog, patiently waiting on the beach to hear "SURF'S UP"


Into the waves she goes.

Teacher and student.
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Stephanie caught this one, but our surfer dog missed it.

Stephanie and Cassie catching a wave together.

It's the weekend and the beach is really crowded. Seven of us including the dogs.

Now that's what I call crowded.
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A special place

We left Thursday morning about an hour before sunrise so we could make it to Blackbeard Creek at high tide, the only time we can go in or out. The creek is about nine miles long and winds through some of the most beautiful and pristine marshlands you will ever see, with tons of wildlife. The creek opens up to an anchorage at the end that has a sand dune between the anchorage and the Atlantic. On the other side of the dune is a beach that is nine miles long and one hundred yards wide at low tide with no one there but us. It's hard to believe that there is still a place that you can go to that is so beautiful and you are all alone except for the occasional fisherman. You go to sleep with the sounds of waves washing up on the beach and wake up to beautiful sunrises over the Atlantic. What a special place.
The trips to the beach are always great here. The dogs can run forever, play in the water, lots of shelling next to the dunes, and long relaxing walks. Cassie has learned to body surf with Stephanie. Yes, she is so smart. The two of them go out into the waves and when Stephanie turns and swims with the wave, Cassie does the same. Godiva patiently walks with us (well, sometimes not so patiently) waiting for the next throw of the ball, while Cassie is on the endless hunt for fish. Can you tell we love it here? Sunday we will head back to the dock and civilization, but "we will be back."

September Song (time to head to the beach) out

Sunrise over the marshlands as we cruise to Blackbeard Island.

Marshlands along the ICW in Georgia.

The wildlife of Blackbeard welcoming us back.

When we got to the anchorage, we found a fish on the swim platform. I guess that's why the escort service...

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Some of the view as we wind our way through Blackbeard Creek.

The sand dune between our anchorage and the Atlantic. At night you go to sleep to the sounds of waves washing up on the beach.

OK Dad, Half Note is in the water and we are ready to go to the beach.

If they could drive they would be gone. "Let's go Dad."
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Life's just a walk on the beach.

I knew Blackbeard's ghost was here!!!

For Godiva, Life's just a roll in the sand with her most favorite thing in the world, her ball.

Cassie and her Mom playing in the surf.
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Don't just stand there Dad, throw the ball! I've got work to do.

Pictures of this beach just don't do it justice.

If you go shell hunting on Blackbeard, you had better bring a BIG bag.

I wish I had a dollar for every sand dollar we see.
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Godiva on the bow of Half Note on the way to the beach with her ears flapping in the wind.

Stephanie and Cassie hunting fish.

Beautiful! So is the beach and the weather.
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The Army checking us out.

Turtle nest in the sand dune. From the looks of all the little tracks in the sand I think this one was a success.

Half Note waiting for us to return from playtime on the beach.

September Song anchored behind the sand dune that separates the Atlantic from the anchorage.
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Time to clean, time to play

After being tied to the dock for a couple of weeks it was time to clean the bottom of September Song again and playtime at the beach. (man that stuff grows quickly this time of the year) After a cruise out to St. Catherine's Beach, Justin and I cleaned the bottom of the boat and then it was time to play. We love having the boys aboard. (especially Cassie and Godiva) It reminds me of when I was growing up on the water. What a great time that was.
We all played in the water, Cassie hunted for fish, Godiva chased the ball about a million times, and I drug the boys around in the tube behind Half Note until they couldn't hang on anymore. After a great day at the beach we headed back to the dock. The boys and four legged girls passed out in the salon on the way back and got their second wind, so we hit the pool for more playtime. It's fun to have the boys for the day, but it's great to be able to send them home with their parents. They wore us out, including the four legged ones. Cassie and Godiva went down to the master stateroom early and didn't want to move off our bed when we went down. They were two tired puppies.
The weather has been so great and we are getting cruising fever REAL bad, so we decided to make a trip to our favorite anchorage later this week for a few days of more playtime on the beach, exploring in Half Note, and just plain enjoying being out on the water.

September Song (see you at Blackbeard Island. ARRRR!!!) out

Cassie, happy to see the boys come back for another fun day on and in the water. No Cassie, we can't keep them.

Aren't they cute!

The fearless three. Jacob, George, and Tyler.

Lunch on the fly bridge before playtime.
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Full of energy! Playtime in the water.

"I'm not sure about this"

WOW, I like it!!!!!

It was tons of fun dragging the boys around behind Half Note all afternoon.
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Godiva just won't stop as long as there is someone to throw the ball.

Cassie loving the hunt for fish with George. No luck again today, but maybe next time.

St. Catherine's Beach
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