Saturday, September 25, 2010

A special place

We left Thursday morning about an hour before sunrise so we could make it to Blackbeard Creek at high tide, the only time we can go in or out. The creek is about nine miles long and winds through some of the most beautiful and pristine marshlands you will ever see, with tons of wildlife. The creek opens up to an anchorage at the end that has a sand dune between the anchorage and the Atlantic. On the other side of the dune is a beach that is nine miles long and one hundred yards wide at low tide with no one there but us. It's hard to believe that there is still a place that you can go to that is so beautiful and you are all alone except for the occasional fisherman. You go to sleep with the sounds of waves washing up on the beach and wake up to beautiful sunrises over the Atlantic. What a special place.
The trips to the beach are always great here. The dogs can run forever, play in the water, lots of shelling next to the dunes, and long relaxing walks. Cassie has learned to body surf with Stephanie. Yes, she is so smart. The two of them go out into the waves and when Stephanie turns and swims with the wave, Cassie does the same. Godiva patiently walks with us (well, sometimes not so patiently) waiting for the next throw of the ball, while Cassie is on the endless hunt for fish. Can you tell we love it here? Sunday we will head back to the dock and civilization, but "we will be back."

September Song (time to head to the beach) out

Sunrise over the marshlands as we cruise to Blackbeard Island.

Marshlands along the ICW in Georgia.

The wildlife of Blackbeard welcoming us back.

When we got to the anchorage, we found a fish on the swim platform. I guess that's why the escort service...

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