Saturday, July 10, 2010

Still tied up

Well, we are still here working like dogs, (the dogs, Cassie and Godiva, swim in the pool while we work) but this next week we are going to cast off the lines and cruise up to Beaufort, SC for a few days for the Water Festival. Should be a lot of fun. Just to get back out on the water is going to be great. Can't keep two old sailors tied to the dock too long, or they will lose their sea legs.
We did take an afternoon off and drove (yes I still know how, but I hate to) to Darien for a few cold ones and some of those huge, fresh Georgia shrimp in garlic butter. Sure was great to get away from the work for a while and play a little.
It's been hot, really hot here the last few days with temps in the low 100's and feels like temps around 110 to 115. I would say I wish we were up in the Chesapeake again this summer, but it's hot there too.
It hasn't all been house work. We have been doing all the things needing to be done on September Song so we will be ready for our next adventure. That's not work, that's fun!

September Song (see you in Beaufort) out

High tide at our dock.

Low tide. It takes a lot of water to ebb and flow twice a day to get a tide of 8 ft.
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Dolphin hunting fish around our dock.

It was a dead calm HOT day.
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Playtime at Skippers Fish Camp in Darien

Cold beer, Captain and Coke, and huge fresh Georgia shrimp in garlic butter. Doesn't get any better than that.

Sunset over September Song.

When the sky is this red you know it's going to be another hot day tomorrow. In the low 100's and heat index of 115.
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Did you think we fell in?

After cruising for seven months we arrived at our home dock in Georgia. After putting Brianne, our granddaughter on a plane it was time to work on the yard and the house and get it ready to sell. We have decided that we want to continue living aboard and cruising full time on September Song. We have been at our home dock about four weeks in the last three years and there is no reason to keep a house when September Song is our home. While we both are in good health, can handle each other 24/7, and can handle a boat of this size, we will continue our journey. We love our life together on September Song and all the places she has taken us, places we want to go back to, (the Islands, Mon) and look forward to all the new places yet to explore. So, If you know of anyone who wants a beautiful home on the water, truck, van, golf cart, and a lawn mower, send them our way.
You know what they say about all work and no play. We have a trip planned next week to Beaufort, SC for the Water Festival, possibly another trip to SC and NC, and of course there is always Blackbeard Island about two hours from our dock which is one of our favorites. We don't want Rhonda to say we are getting Boring.

Remember, you only have so many days on this earth, but the ones at sea don't count against you. So we be cruisin'!

September Song (send a buyer) out

September Song back at her home dock.

Sunset from our dock

Dinner with friends Tom, Karla, Al, and Kathy.
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Stephanie, AKA the weed killer

Godiva helping Mom spread pine straw. Can I go swimming yet Mom?

Godiva being Godiva. Happy girl

After alot of work, the place is looking pretty good.
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