Thursday, September 19, 2013

Time for you....and me to catch up!

Since we arrived back in the US from the Bahamas, I haven't posted to my blog. Yes, I got your e-mails etc. I have been posting to Facebook, (which some of you are friends with me and see my posts on a regular basis) so I thought to catch you up, I would copy a lot of my Facebook posts to my blog to catch you up with us. It's been a fun summer coming up the East Coast and in the Chesapeake and now, with the pointy end South. I didn't want to leave those of you not on Facebook with me out.

Remember, you will need to click on older posts to see them all. Go get a drink and I hope you enjoy my catch up blog posts.

September Song (time to catch up) out

Fun weekend in St. Augustine with Gypsies in the Palace, Doug and Tammy. Never a dull moment when the four of us are together.

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