Thursday, September 19, 2013

What a fun Birthday! Steak and mahi on the grill and Stephanie's fabulous Bahamian mac and cheese. Good drinks, great friends, and red velvet cake, My favorite. Made a wish, blew out the candles and got my wish. What was the wish you say? To be surrounded by beautiful women on my Birthday. Especially the one on my far left. Love you honey and thanks for making my birthday and my life so special. Actually, I got my wish years ago and she makes them come true every day of our lives together. Being surrounded by beautiful ladies wasn't all bad either. Also, thanks for all the wonderful e-mails and posts from the hundreds of my friends and family. Well, maybe not hundreds, but there were a lot! The massive gifts were great too.  Say good night Bob! Not good, but a great night! Good night Bob!

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