Thursday, September 19, 2013

 September Song is on the hard and we are land lubbers for the next four days while she gets pampered at Washburns Boatyard. Half Note (the family car) was in the water and had to be hauled out for service. Sure was funny to see her in a 25 ton lift. We haven't been off the boat overnight since the last time September Song was hauled two years ago. It's going to seem weird! (4 photos)

 We always hold our breath while September Song is put in the slings, moved to the water, and splashed. She's back in the water and we are back home again.

Beautiful double rainbow after a rain storm at the boatyard in Solomons, MD. Forecast for tomorrow is great so we are casting off the lines and head out to one of our favorite anchorages on the Wye River for a couple of days for a little exploring in the tender, play time at the beach for the girls, and catch a bucket of blue crab off the back of September Song. I see Stephanie's delicious crab cakes in my future.

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