Monday, March 19, 2012

Here we go....Key West again?

Not wanting to let Ron and Rena get bored, we hopped in the van the next morning, and the Six (Me, Stephanie, Doug, Tammy, Ron and Rena) of us headed out for the Key West Playground.......after Bloody Marys. Hey, you need to have a good breakfast to start your day. You will be happy to know, I settled for coffee. Someone has to be the DD for this wild and crazy group.
What a fun day, and no bail needed.

September Song (what a fun three days!) Now I'm out

Our favorite stop on the way to Key West.

First stop was Paradise Tattoo. Stephanie wanted to add a turtle to her dolphin tatt. 

OK, now that we are here, I get my breakfast, and boy was I hungry.

We figured it would be a good thing if we ate before heading over to Irish Kevin's. We stopped at one of our favorite spots, Fogerty's. Don't pay any attention to those bottles on the table.
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