Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Up the Hudson River

We left New Rochelle, and our great cruising friends there, but because of Hurricane Leslie sending six to eight foot seas to the East coast, and our next leg had to be on the Atlantic, we decided to do a little exploring on the Hudson River. As we came down the East River, we made a starboard turn into the Hudson as we rounded lower Manhattan. WOW, what a beautiful river. Cliffs, mountains, and lush green hillsides were on both sides of the river as we headed up. We spent two nights a Half Moon Bay Marina, in the town of Croton-On-Hudson. From there, we cruised farther up the Hudson to United States Military Academy - West Point, did a 180, and headed half way back to New York, and spent a quiet evening at anchor surrounded by the beauty of the Hudson. I'm so glad we decided to go up the Hudson. Not only because of the seas, but because it was such a beautiful side trip.
Another good reason, you will read in my next blog.

September Song (When you get a lemon!) out

The Bear Mountain Bridge, as we head up the Hudson. I told you it was beautiful!

A railroad bridge across a pass.

The trains that run into NY, run along the shores of the Hudson.

Beautiful homes tucked in the sides of the mountains.
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