Sunday, September 9, 2012

Martha, Martha

Still trying to catch up. Would you believe, Cassie and Godiva ate my homework? OK, the truth is, we have been with Joe, Julia, and all our good friends in New York for the last nine days. We started out with a fun Labor day Weekend at Lloyd Harbor, then on to Joe's Yacht Club, and a great time in New York City. What a great tour guide Joe is. More about New York in a blog as I catch up.
Martha's Vineyard was our next stop after Rockport. The Vineyard is a beautiful Island, and it's where Stephanie's family had a summer cottage, and she spent many summers there, and later it was a great getaway for her. It's a huge tourist area in the summer, and because it is an Island, the ferries are coming and going all day, with tons of people and cars.
The best way to see the Island, is to rent a vehicle. The first thought, was to rent a scooter, and Stephanie could be my moped Mama. We went to the Budget rental place, and the first thing we saw was a cool yellow Corvette convertible. $400.00 for six hours. NOT! OK, lets look at the scooters. OH, a red jeep with the top down! Lets do it! Stephanie trusts me to drive us on a scooter, but a red jeep with the top down, no contest. It turned out to be the best decision. After seeing the scooters getting passed, and trying to hug the sides of the narrow roads, it was a much safer choice. Besides....A red jeep with the top down!

September Song (a red jeep with the top down!) out

Another beautiful, calm, warm day as we cruise to Martha's Vineyard.

We saw a couple of whales as we cruised to the Vineyard. This one first surfaced about 100 feet off our port side. I grabbed the camera, and got a picture as it surfaced farther out. They are so huge. 

Lots of beautiful sailboats out enjoying a sail. Not a lot of wind, so they run the motor along with putting the sails up.
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  1. That sailboat is an old 12 meter named Valiant.