Sunday, September 9, 2012

Block Island, RI

Block Island was just a short stop, but that didn't mean we couldn't do a little exploring, and have a little fun. We took the family car (tender) into town, and most of the stores are the same as many we have seen, t-shirts etc, so we didn't do a whole lot of the town thing, but we did find a fun watering hole, The Oar Bar and Grill. As always, we met some interesting, and fun people, and heard all the bartender stories. We haven't been in many places to take the girls to the beach on this trip, so we took advantage of the beach we found, and let the girls play. They were so happy!
From Block Island, we cruised to Watch Hill, anchored out, took the tender into Stonington (you have been there before with us on the way North, so we will skip that one) for the day, then headed to meet up with friends in Noank.

September Song (on the move) out

The Islands aren't the only place you can find a good rum punch. 

A lot of bees this time of the year, so the bar puts out a little grenadine, and they all flock to it, rather than the customers' drinks. I said they should put a little rum in it, and give them a real buzz. Happy bees!

We have had lobster in a lot of different ways, but a lobster club....If it has lobster in it, it must be good...And it was.

Now you know why this place is called The Oar Bar and Grill. There are hundreds of oars. people have put their boat names, and a lot of other things, and they hang them from the ceiling.
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