Friday, May 25, 2012

Hope Town

We tucked into Hope Town at Hope Town Inn and Marina, because a Tropical LO was headed our way. Hope Town was on our list of places to take Patti, but we hadn't planned on spending three days here.
Hope Town is a beautiful little town that we stopped at about ten days ago. This is the first time we have stayed in a marina here, and we wish the weather was better, so we could enjoy the pool and facilities.
We did get a chance to get out and explore Hope Town, the light house, and rent a golf cart to tour the Islands Wednesday. The lighthouse is always amazing, and we hit all the shops, walked the town, and saw lots of the out areas here.
After our outing, we headed up to the marina bar for cocktails and a bar food dinner, my favorite, with the Bahama Bums, and four other cruisers we have met while here in the Abacos.
Last night it was windy with lots of rain, so I declared it to be a movie night, popcorn included.
It looks like we are going to make it back to Marsh Harbour tomorrow, go to Rake and Scrape again, explore a little more of Marsh Harbour Saturday, play in the pool in the afternoon, and have a barbecue poolside with the Bums Saturday night.
Patti leaves the Islands Sunday morning. Where has the time gone? It has been so great to have her with us these last few days. Our hopes are that she can make it back, whereever we are playing, real soon.

September Song (it can stop raining now!) Out

The hope Town Lighthouse.

On the way up.....and up....and up!

They still use oil to lite the lighthouse at night.

The light is turned with weights. They crank up the weights, like a grandfather clock, and as they come down, it turns the light all night.
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