Saturday, May 19, 2012

Patti is in the Islands "Mon"

Patti arrived in Marsh Harbour early evening on Thursday. Jay and Nancy were here with us to greet her. After hugs and kisses, it was time to cool off with her first Island rum drink. After a quick change of clothes, it was off to Snappa's  for some Island music and dancing. Sorry, in the rush, I forgot my camera. I promise that won't happen again.
Friday, it was off for some provisioning, a little shopping, an afternoon in the pool, then back to the boat to get ready for Jay and Nancy to arrive for happy hour, and a fabulous mahi dinner on September Song. Stephanie outdid herself again.
After a wonderful dinner, it was time to head out to Boat Harbour and PARTY!
Patti met Brown Tip (AKA Rake and Scrape) earlier in the day, and he promised her a good time. Well, he kept his promise. "Lady White Tip" Patti was up on the stage, playing with them. Before the night was over (around midnight) "Lady White Tip", and "Mama White Tip" (Stephanie) were both on the stage, playing the Island music.
We danced until we couldn't do it any more, then headed back to the marina, jumped into the pool to cool off, and the five of us danced down the dock back to September Song.
Today, after everyone gets going (it was a late night) we will cast off the lines, and head to another fun Island.
Hang on Patti, we're just getting started!

September Song (I think Patti likes it here!) out

Patti, with her arrival Island drink.

Fresh conch salad. YUM! A little on the hot side.

Patti gets to meet Brown Tip.

Hot afternoon in the pool
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  1. Patti, if you need to come home my offer to take your place still holds. Jealousy, damn I have it bad........Big razzu aka Randy's dad