Saturday, May 19, 2012

Man O War Cay

Tuesday, before Patti arrived, the Bahama Bums cruised over to Man O War. Man O War is a dry Island. Can you believe there is such a thing in the Islands! Man O War is a cute little settlement, with some great little shops. Albury's Sail Shop is where the ladies make all the beautiful canvas bags of all shapes and sizes. Sally's is another shop where the ladies make all kinds of gorgeous clothing and other things out of Androsia  cloth. It's also home to Albury's boat works. They make beautiful wooden sailboats and fiberglass fishing boats.  We explored the Island, had a great lunch, then it was back to Marsh Harbour Thursday, to get ready for Patti's arrival that afternoon.
 September Song (just a catch up) out

Albury's Sail Shop.

Some of the beautiful things they make here at the Sail Shop.

The ladies at their sewing machines 
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