Monday, May 14, 2012

Hope Town and Marsh Harbour

We left our anchorage at Lynyard Cay, and headed into Hope Town. Hope Town is a beautiful little protected harbour, with a 360 degree view of all the colorful buildings, and the lighthouse. The lighthouse is still lit with oil, and wound like a grandfather clock with weights that turn the light.
Hope Town is a great place to explore. The streets are more for walking and golf carts, with cottages and homes painted every color of the rainbow, great little shops, and a beautiful harbour to do a sunset cruise in the family cars. (tenders)
After a two day stop in beautiful Hope Town, we headed to Marsh Harbour. Marsh Harbour is a larger town, with fun bars, lots of Island music, (Rake and Scrape) great place to reprovision, enjoy happy hours in the pool here at Harbour View where we are docked, and get a haircut, (man I need one of those)
We will be headed out for a couple of days to anchor out and enjoy some beach time, and then return to Marsh Harbour Thursday to pick up my daughter, Patti, who will be spending ten days on September Song. Can't wait to see her, and show her the Islands. She will need a vacation from her vacation after ten days with the Bahama Bums.

September Song (loving the Abacos) out

Jay, enjoying a cup of coffee, and Nancy, motoring to our next stop.

Beautiful Hope Town Harbour.
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