Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Saying goodbye

Saturday morning, our last morning at our home in Georgia, Stephanie and I took our last look at a place we have many happy memories at. The place we called home for the last eleven years. The house is under contract and it looks like now it is a done deal. We designed and build our dream house together on the coast and out of all the homes we both have owned over the years, we both loved this one the most. We made the decision that we wanted to full time cruise after doing it for the last three years and September Song is our home now. After thinking about it, I think it isn't so much the place you call home, but the place you call home with the person you love. So no matter where we live or what we do, as long as we are together, life is good. I guess now we will be homeless boat people.

September Song (homeless boat people and loving it) out

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