Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BooBoo Hill

Every year we come back to BooBoo Hill to find our September Song sign that we put another year on, and put it back up on the hill, overlooking the beautiful Islands and blue waters, where it waits with all the other cruisers' signs, for us to return the next year. We were hoping it would still be there, because Hurricane Irene hit here last summer, and we thought it may have blown away. Everyone was helping us look for it, because it wasn't in the place where we left it. We were just about ready to give up, when Pam spotted it. YIPPEE! Thanks Pam! We carried it back to September Song, where Stephanie will put another year on it, (our fourth year) and it will return to BooBoo Hill to watch and wait to see us on the horizon, and welcome us back next year.
This year, Stephanie did something special. We were anchored out in Hurricane Irene, the same hurricane that hit the Exumas last summer. After the storm, Stephanie spotted a piece of driftwood floating by September Song. She retrieved it, put our names, September Song, hurricane flags, and the dates it hit the Islands and us in the US. We took it up to BooBoo Hill, and placed it with all the other cruiser signs.
It's always a special time for us to make the hike up BooBoo Hill, find our sign, add another year, find the signs of some of our cruising friends from past years, and to share a special moment with first timers, Steve and Kim "Maya", when they take their first trip. I'm sure many more are to come, up BooBoo Hill to place their sign with all the others, where it will wait for them to come over the horizon again.

September Song (a special time) out

Stephanie's hurricane sign, ready to take its place on BooBoo Hill.

Our group, in the belly of the whale, headed to BooBoo Hill.

Willim, Judy, Jay, and Nancy, on the trail to BooBoo Hill.
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