Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Change in plans

Our plan was to be in Staniel Cay until Jesse and Brittany arrive on the 20th, spend a couple more days playing with them in the Staniel Cay area, then head down to Black Point for a couple of days. At that point, Serendipity was going to head back to Nassau, and Tides In and September Song would head to Georgetown for the Family Regatta, then on to explore the Out Islands, then into the Abacos, where we would meet up with Serendipity again. After playing in the Staniel Cay area for a couple of days, strong winds picked up out of the West (no protection in our anchorage from the West) and we were bouncing for two days. The decision was made to head to the North mooring field (good protection) in the Land and Sea Park. We played in the Land and Sea Park for a couple of days, then on to Normans Cay for a day, then into Nassau on Friday, because the weather wasn't going to be good for the next several days. The wind and rain started, and it isn't suppose to let up until tomorrow. (Wednesday)
You would think, with all this bad weather, we weren't having any fun. NOT! In cruising, you learn to adjust for the weather. Yes, we are sad that we didn't get to Georgetown and the Out Islands, but with the change in plans, the Bahama Bums got to enjoy the whole ten days with Jesse and Brittany while they were here in the Islands. We had great fun in spite of the change in plans and bad weather. "No bad days", just some are better than others on a boat in Paradise.

September Song ("no bad days") out

Staniel Cay Yacht Club. The group is inside waiting for Jesse and Brittany (AKA our adopted children) to arrive.

Brittany, with her first Island drink, at The Yacht Club.

I think Stephanie is happy to see Jesse. 

Brittany and Jesse, adding their names and date to the Serendipity's burgee that hangs in the Yacht Club.
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