Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On to the Abacos!

We spent a week in Nassau at the Nassau Harbor Club, waiting out the nasty weather. It was blowing 20 to 30 and we got eleven inches of rain. It was good to be tied to a dock! They don't get that much in a hurricane! Well, you can't keep cruisers down. We found lots of things to do, and lots of happy hours at the Poop Deck. You know you have been here a long time when the bartenders recognize you when you walk in, we knew all theirs, and their children's names, and they gave us extra free apps, and a few free drinks. We didn't spend all our time in the bar, really! We made trips to downtown, the straw market, had a movie night on Tides In, trips to the grocery store to reprovision, the bakery, (you know me) got Jay's alternator fixed, rode lots of funky buses, met lots of fun people, and had a good time finishing out the last days of Jesse and Brittany's vacation with them.
The sun came out, the weather calmed, and we headed out on our first leg on Friday to the Abacos.
Our first stop was Rose Island, about five miles out of Nassau. This would give us an early start on Saturday morning on our second leg, and what a beautiful place to anchor. We put the tender in the water and had a fun afternoon, playing with the girls (Cassie and Godiva) on a beautiful beach.
We left at first light to a perfect day on the water, and headed for Egg Island. Fish on, FISH ON! Yes, it was also a good fishing day for dolphin.
We spent a quiet evening at anchor, watched a beautiful sunset over the water, then turned around and watched the supermoon come up over Egg Island. WOW, what a moon that was!
We weighed the anchor (still weighs 88 pounds) at first light on Sunday, and headed out into another perfect, beautiful day on the water. Fish on, FISH ON! Yes, it was another good fishing day. We arrived at Little Harbour at the South end of the Abacos late afternoon, dropped the hook, cleaned the fish, then Steph and I had fresh mahi on the grill for dinner. It doesn't get any fresher than that. Swimming in the ocean, and a few hours later, it's on the plate.
Monday, yesterday, election day here in the Bahamas, we put the tenders in the water, and hit the beach. We were going to go to Pete's Pub, but on election day, no liquor can be sold, and we didn't want to miss Pete's yummy rum punches. That evening, all the Bahama Bums came over to September Song for mahi on the grill, and lots of fun and laughs.
Today is Pete's Pub, sunset on the beach, then on to Hope Town tomorrow.

September Song (in the Abacos playground) out

What a fun place for happy hour (s)

This person doesn't know who they want to vote for, so they put all the election flags on their car.

Can't leave Nassau without a rum cake or two....Well OK, five.

The Queen is big here in the Islands. All of the UK is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee.
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