Sunday, July 1, 2012

Eleven days and 800 miles

I thought I would post our trip to NY before we go into the city tomorrow. We are so excited to see NY from the water.

Eleven days of travel, and eight hundred miles since we left Charleston, SC, and we are anchored just outside New York City. Not much time to do any exploring, because most days were 8 to 10 hours, so by the time we got anchored or into a marina, there wasn't much time to explore. The trip has been good for the most part, with calm seas, and nice days, with lots to see along the way, but Friday night was not fun. I'm sure you saw on the news, all the storms that moved through the East coast. We were anchored in Atlantic City, and around 01:30, the storm rolled through. This was about the worst storm we have ever been anchored out in, and we have been in some bad ones. September Song heeled over the most she ever has. Our snubber lines (5/8's braided) snapped, and our snubber hook (1/2 inch SS) bent. May-Days were being called on the VHF to the Coast Guard from boats grounded, and others in trouble. Our anchor held, and we were one of the lucky ones. When we went out the inlet today, I called the Coast Guard to report a fishing boat about a mile off shore that was half sunk. I talked to the SeaTow guy, and he said this was the worst he has seen. Most of the city lost power, and they were still without power when we left today.

September Song (NYC here we come) out

We were at the free dock in Great Bridge, just before the lock, and this huge rig came by our boat after locking through. It took four tugs to keep it in the channel. 

Going through the Great Bridge Bridge.

Guess where Mom and Dad took us!

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  1. Wow. Glad you're okay! We have been snugly docked at Waterside in Norfolk for these stormy nights.