Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The dogs ate my homework!

OK, the dogs didn't eat my homework. It didn't work in school, and it doesn't work for my blog.
We were so busy moving South and playing at every stop, that I got far behind on my blog, I got frustrated and didn't know how I was ever going to get caught up.
Well, after numerous phone calls and e-mails wanting to know if we are OK, and why am I not blogging, I thought it was time to get started again. Blogging is one of the things I really enjoy and have so much fun with, that I will start again, and try not to get so far behind that I get frustrated again.
When I last blogged, we were in South Carolina headed for Charleston to meet up with Joe and Julia on Sea Pearl. After spending a few days in Charleston, we put the pointy ends South and played our way to Stuart where we spent Thanksgiving, and we're now back in the Keys.
We have to take a couple day road trip, but when we get back, I will be posting a new blog.
Stay tuned, we have lots of fun ahead.

September Song (I'm a bad boy) out

Yes, we are back in the Keys. Our first night here we had to have our fix of Stone crab claws at the Keys Fisheries with some of our cruising friends already here.
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