Monday, July 9, 2012

New York goose bumps

We are anchored out in the harbor at Watch Hill in Rhode Island, after seven fun days with Joe, Julia, Julia's nephew Brian, and six of their friends, who I can say are our new cruising friends now, but more about that in another blog.
We left our anchorage at Sandy Hook early Sunday Morning, July 1st, and headed into New York Harbor.  What a thrill, and lots of goose bump moments. As we headed into the harbor, we could see the city in the distance, but because it is larger than life, it looked close, but it was still a ways away. The harbor is a busy place, with ferries coming and going, ships, water taxis, Sightseeing boats, people sailing, and a whole lot of pleasure boats. Our first goose bump moment was the Statue of Liberty. What history this lady has. Can you imagine the feelings a lot of our grandparents felt, when they arrived in the US, and she was there, waiting to welcome them. From there we turned to starboard, and headed to Manhattan, with the new World Trade Center towering above all the other buildings. WOW! From there, we headed up the East River, through all the beautiful bridges of New York, past the Empire State Building, the UN, South Street Seaport, Rockefeller University, Staten Island Ferry Terminal, and many others. What a thrill to see New York from the water.

September Song (a goose bump cruise) out

Cruising by the Highlands, not far from our anchorage, headed for New York Harbor.

The Verrazano Narrows Bridge, the first bridge you go under as you head into New York. Not so narrow! That's a huge container ship passing under it that you see on the right.

Lots of fast ferries in the harbor.

We saw (dodged) many ships as we entered the harbor. 
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