Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cat Island

We left Staniel Cay for a sixty mile cruise due East to one of the Out Islands, Cat Island. This is a very remote Island. We were the only three boats in both of our anchorages and we never saw another boat the three days we were there.
Our first stop was the "bakery". All the Islands have a bread lady, they always have a little one running around, and they are connected to the local church. Her husband is the Minister. Her son, Danny King, gives tours of the Island. The six of us loaded up in his van and he gave us a historic tour that was great. There is so much history on this Island. From cotton and pineapple plantations with slaves to Father Jerome who built many churches on the Islands, to the one he built by himself, The Hermitage.
After three days of exploring Cat, it was time to leave our friends and cruise for three days to the Abacos where we picked up Rob and Eric for another several days of fun with us. The weather was perfect from the time we left Staniel until we got to the Abacos. Yes, we caught fish on all the days we cruised except one. I took a day off from pulling them in because my arms were sore. Besides, our freezers wouldn't hold any more. I tried for tuna, but kept catching dolphin and can you believe it, I was letting them go.

September Song (freezer is full) out

You know me....Some things are important.

The little one at the bread lady's house.

Placing our orders for bread and "cake".

He was cute. He says he is two.
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