Wednesday, May 22, 2013

George Town

Well, it's been a while. We are at the Hope Town Inn and Marina with Rob and Eric on board and it's raining today, so I thought while I have a good Internet connection and we are boat bound, I would catch you up.
On the way to George Town we had calm seas so I put the lines in. Fishing this year has been great, but that trip was exceptional. We had several dolphin on and got two in. The big catch was a sailfish. What a fight and what a beautiful fish. We were in the same area we caught the blue marlin last time we were in the George Town area. What a thrill!
We cruised down to George Town for the National Family Islands Regatta, a four day event with sail boat races, great Bahamian food, one huge Bahamian party, and what a party it was. The sail boats that they race are from all the Islands and aren't the type you normally see, and they race for the pride of their individual Islands. They are hand built and are modeled after the old fishing boats. They're hard to describe, but you will see them in some of the pictures.
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September Song (time to catch up!) out

My sailfish doing its dance.

Notice how sharp the point in its bill is. When releasing one of these, you need to be really careful. A number of people have been speared when they erupt from the water.

What a beautiful fish. It's dorsal fin was huge!

The freezers are getting full.
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