Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We started out tonight at the Bourbon Street Bar. Met a nice pilot there at the bar and it was just so so. We headed to the Dock Street Oyster Bar and thought we would try it. It's been voted the best oyster bar for the last ten years. Well, I can see why! We had oysters rockefeller and oysters royal, or something like that. WOW! We ordered our usual drinks and saw, after we ordered, they had pain killers. "Wish we had ordered one of those." Stephanie's shoulder was a little sore.  Before we knew it, there was one sent to us by owner, Steve. Better than the ones at Pusser's in Annapolis, and those are really good. Next, without ordering it, crab dip showed up. Then there was a sample of shrimp and grits. Did I mention, the Bartender was one of the best we have had. What a fun girl and so cute. Before the night was over, we were friends with the owner, Steve, and bartender, Tara. Our boat card was put up behind the bar in a place of prominence, and we had way too many pain killers and a ton of fun with both of them. We are trying to try them all, 'so many and so little time", but when you find a great one like this, it's hard to leave. (or get off your bar stool) We found our way back to the boat ("now where did we dock September Song?") We will be back to Dock Street Oyster Bar before we leave Wilmington! What a fun night! Speaking of night, say goodnight Bob. Good night Bob!— with Stephanie Wakelin.

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