Friday, April 5, 2013

We're in the Islands "Mon"

We left our dock in Marathon Monday after four months of fun with cruising friends, family for the month of March, trips to the Key West playpen, great music by our musician friends, fun parties, enjoying the great weather and being tied to a dock with my wonderful wife, Stephanie, Cassie and Godiva for awhile, but after four months of being tied to a dock, it was great to cast off the lines and start cruising again.
We headed North in Hawk Channel and had planned on stopping at Rodriguez Key for the night, leave the next morning for two more stops before we would arrive in Nassau. The weather looked  good and our weather window was going to close before we made it to Nassau and we were going to get stuck in the Berry Islands, so we made a starboard turn at Rodriguez and did a 29 hour 226 mile straight through to Nassau. It was a little bumpy for the first few hours, but after that it was calm the rest of the way. We had a little luck in the Gulf Stream, but I'll save that for the picture. ZING!
We will be playing here in Nassau until Monday. Stephanie's brother, Eric, and her brother-in-law, Rob, arrive Sunday for 10-12 days and we will head out to the Exumas Monday morning weather permitting.

September Song (see you in the Exumas) out

Our dock friends casting off our lines and saying goodbye. It's been another fun winter. See all of you next fall.

ZING! Late afternoon I decided to put in a couple of lines in the Gulf Stream and take a little nap on the aft deck. It was a short nap. After about 30 minutes both poles went ZING. Two dolphin on at once. A 44 inch cow and a 48 inch bull. 

What a thrill!

Sunrise over the Berry Islands the next morning. Hour 24.
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  1. Enjoying your updates & photos from Nassau! Thanks for sharing! Safe cruising on to the Exumas!